Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Pickle Principle

I'm sure you've heard the analogy that families celebrating a simcha - particularly engagements - tend to have another simcha/engagement follow quickly on the heels of the first ~  Kind of like a jar of pickles.  It's a bit difficult to ease that first pickle out of the jar, but once you do, the rest follow much more easily.
My theory (which only applies to engagements) is that an event such as this thrusts the whole family into the limelight, often reminding shadchanim and friends of others in the family who are also searching for their mate.
Others have told me that when Hashem blesses a family with a simcha, they must immediately daven for MORE.  Upon first glance this may sound greedy, but I was advised that at a time when Hashem is obviously looking kindly upon you, you should quickly ask for additional kindnesses.
So keep davening... for yourself... for others.... and let's get some more of those pickles out of the jar [and maybe have them with a little ice cream afterwards ;) ].
This post is inspired by Bad For Shidduchim's post about today being "National Make a Shidduch for Chaya Day".  I don't know Chaya, but there's no harm in raising awareness.


efrex said...

Awareness is good, as is reforming the whole shidduch scene.

The post you linked to refers to someone's "shidduch resume." If it looks like one I experienced last year, then I'm afraid that I don't hold out much hope...

Mikeinmidwood said...

One day everything will fix itself, and there wont be a crisis at all.