Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Bathmat Is Soaking Wet - Yep, She's Home...

The "first half", as it is affectionately known is now officially over.
We know this by the number of "Mommy Blogs" posting how many loads of moldy, grubby laundry they have done in the past several days.
I am no exception. Within minutes of getting Jennifer's overstuffed duffels through the door, the washing machine was humming away. There is NO WAY that I'm going to leave that stuff in my house overnight!
This was not easy considering that Jennifer's luggage arrived in Brooklyn (where we DON'T live), at around 10pm. I had intended to take a photo of the luggage scene but I forgot as I got caught up in the mosh pit.
You see, since the girls fly to and from camp and airlines have gotten utterly ridiculous when it comes to baggage fees, we choose to BUS her luggage. The luggage - like the campers - got delayed and the truck only arrived well after dark - on a deserted street with no street lamps adjacent to a cemetery (I kid you not, folks). They lined up all the bags along the fence (think Alfred Hitchcock - ravens, headstones, grave robbers etc.....) and parked some cars with headlights shining on the eerie tableau .
Being the good yekkes that we are, we arrived with flashlights in tow and quickly retrieved the bags.
But I digress.
The point of this post was NOT luggage, NOR laundry.
The point of this post was to make the observation that when one's children take "staggered" vacations, it quickly becomes evident who the culprit is in situations such as (but not limited to), "Who soaked the bathmat again?!?!?".
Enough said.........


YW said...

Isn't the point that the mat should get wet and not the floor.

Anonymous said...

you don't live in Brooklyn?!?

itsagift said...

Welcome back, Jen!
I guess I missed out on the camp mail experiment...oh well!

Hey, I know which place you're talking about - camps find it convenient for pick ups and drop offs cuz apparently, it's a low traffic area (compared to the center of Boro Park or Flatbush). Must be quite scaaary at night though!