Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Camp Mail - An Experiment

I mentioned earlier that Jennifer is off at camp.
The days of sporadic communication and no phone calls are long gone for today's young campers.
They get an unlimited long distance phone card upon arrival at camp, and they may receive emails to the camp address, which are printed out by the camp office for delivery to them daily.
For joy!

Because of all these conveniences, my daughter calls me fairly regularly - mostly to update me on the status of her "on again - off again" - (probably, not really, but maybe) broken finger.
Regardless, most phone calls seem to originate from the nurse's office.
There was the one that went something like this:
"Hi, Mom? The whole bunk is getting sick because we're not getting enough sleep and we all have runny noses and coughs so yesterday, we all packed up all our stuff and moved in to the infirmary for the night. It was a BLAST!"
I even had to speak to her new found friend today - also from the nurse's office. (Miriam B.'s Mom in Brooklyn: your daughter is having a lovely summer and she tells me that you may be hosting my daughter for Shabbos sooner than you think.....)
But I digress.

Apparently, even though I speak to her on the phone FAR too often, she's annoyed that I'm not sending her enough emails.
During our spoken conversations at home, I don't usually get a word in edgewise, so I'm not used to being the one to have to come up with content.

So here's where YOU come in, dear readers.
I'm going to try and inundate her with blog reader email.
Send me an email (of any length) to guesswhoscoming2dinner@gmail.com and I will forward it to Jen at camp, along with this post by way of explanation.
She has a good sense of humor so feel free to get creative.
Tell her about YOUR summer. Ask her how ceramics was. Send her a joke. Freak her out by telling her it's already two weeks until camp is over and why hasn't she begun packing for the trip home yet ;) ? I don't care. Just help me out here so that I can have a bit more time to focus on the blog.

Consider it your version of sending me to camp for a day or two.....
Good luck.
I'm counting on you.


YW said...

Email? I still send letters via usps to my sister in law in camp, could I just send you a copy of one of the four letters I wrote to her?

SuperRaizy said...

I am dying of laughter here. I am also feeling the intense pressure of having to cone up with content for the required daily e-mail to my daughter. I missed one day- ONE!- and received a forlorn email from her the very next day complaining that "You never write to me AT ALL and I am sooooo upset and it's ruining everything!" This from a 14 year old who can go for days without speaking to me when she's home.

efrex said...

Harumph! Kids today... when my folks sent us off to camp, they very emphatically wanted us to NOT call or write too frequently ("we're spending all this money to get you out of our hair, not to keep you in it...")

Mystery Woman said...

Lol..this is so funny! My daughter has the same complaint, but in her camp, it's fax, not email, and I'm not sending them often enough. I think I'd be better with email...I don't even have to leave my desk!

FBB said...

This so weird. First we both find old shuls, then we both have empty email issues! You might even think we're related...

Doobie said...

i just sent my 16 year old daughter an e-mail that was so devoid of content it was a wonder i sent it all. She later told me (in the next e-mail) that she was laughing as she read it because I really had nothing to say! So I guess even if it was good for a laugh it was worth sending

itsagift said...

This is too funny!

My mother always said (when we were in camp) that if we are calling or writing too often, she'd get worried that we weren't having a good time. Cuz if we were having fun, we should be too busy to write/call!

But my mother has talent-she was always able to write letters that made us feel like we were back at home! She'd write about all the things going on that we were missing out on (read: what she served for dinner, who came to visit, the company we had on shabbos and all the other family news) and it was such fun to read her letters!

I'll bl"n try to write Jen a letter one of the next few days...if it's not too late! And could you update us all on how she reacted to your experiment?

YW said...

Let's reminisce about camp. What's your favorite camp song? Anyone remember Have you got that spirit? Yes, Ma'am let's hear it with your hands.......
What's yours?