Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun Around The Kitchen Table

With the crowd we've had around the kitchen table this past week, there never seems to be enough comfortable seating for everybody. Jen's been sitting on the step stool half the time when we all gather 'round. I could really use some new stools like the ones listed on this website and I spend quite a bit of time drooling over some of their wares (they've got cool ideas for wine storage too!).

Perfect timing!
As you all know, I'm an active internet shopper and the folks at CSN Stores have offered me an opportunity to do a product review for them from any of their MANY sites.
Hmmm..... now all I have to do is chose a product.
Will it be one of those great stools?
Or will it be something fun from their extensive cookware section?
Home decor? They've got that too.
Suggestions are welcome!
Look around.
Tell me what I should review!


tnspr569 said...

How about a cocktail shaker or some barware? Cocktail hour or after dinner drinks at Chez G6 would be great!

badforshidduchim said...

Where can I get an offer to do a review? I'm dying to get a mandolin. The chopping kind, not the musical kind.

efrex said...

Wine storage in Washington Heights apartments is generally not a good thing unless you're investing in a wine fridge, since the ambient temperature tends to hover around 80 degrees (also, not that many kosher wines really benefit from long storage).

tnspr569: Drinks at Chez G6? I'm in! I'll even bring the bartender! :)

B4S: I don't use it all that frequently (because The Lovely Wife[tm] gave me the best gift ever), but I've been very satisfied with my Borner V-slicer. It's pretty rugged for a plastic job, and not horribly priced. The only significant downside is that it doesn't have a stand, so you either have to put it over a bowl or hold it up with your non-slicing hand.

G6 said...

Bad4 - a mandolin is definitely on my "short list", though currently not in first. Great minds think alike.

tnspr569 - cocktail hour sounds wonderful.

efrex - Being the self proclaimed foodie that you are, I was waiting for you to weigh in on this. So now that we know what you don't want, what do you suggest I do go for?

And bring the bartender? If you can make my favorite drinks correctly - YOU'RE IN!

efrex said...

I'm not generally a mixed drink/cocktail kind of person (wine or beer for me, thanks) but if it's in Mr. Boston's, one of us can probably whip it up.

I get dizzy and terrified just looking at that CSN website. If you're looking at cookware, though, I'd want to check out the induction cooktop. It's got the science nerd factor (cooking with electromagnetism!), and it actually makes some kind of sense for small apartment kitchens (doesn't generate so much heat in the joint). Just make sure you have compatible cookware (cast iron or stainless steel).

BLD said...

G6 said...

I'm right there with you!
I absolutely would LOVE a porch swing!
Now, if you could tell me where I would put it in my Washington Heights apartment, it's as good as ordered....
(I have such fond memories of the porch swing we had in the house in Tannersville, NY that we rented the summers I was a child. I spent HOURS on that thing....)

Pesky Settler said...

Whoa... I think my brain went into overload... I wouldn't even know where to begin!