Friday, June 18, 2010

Food Photo Friday

These photos, of a farmer's market in Montreal, come to me courtesy of Naomi. Thanks for the contribution. The colors and presentation look luscious!

Which item pictured could you not pass up? What would come home with you for dinner?


Anonymous said...

It all tasted as amazing as it looks. The colors and smells were almost intoxicating. And made for great snacks on the drive back.

efrex said...

There's a reason why The Lovely Wife(tm) confiscates my wallet before I go to a farmer's market...

From the top picture, I'd be getting blackberries, raspberries (as my children's already battered shidduch chances take another body blow), blueberries, and whatever the funky-looking berries and fruits are between the blackberries and the raspberries. Those cherries look mighty tempting, too. If those green globe grapes are seedless, then throw a bunch in for the little ones.

Over to picture #2: Those long beans and fresh garlic are going straight into the basket, and maybe some asparagus as well. If I've got some nice oranges around and TLW is looking the other way, maybe that fennel goes in. What is the cellophane-wrapped stuff on the lower right?

Bottom picture: time for some marital compromise: I'll allow some of those tomatoes (both the heirloom and beefsteak) if I can get a couple of packages of the baby bok choy.

Hope that the crisper is empty, and that we're expecting company for the next couple of meals!

* blueberry/raspberry tart
* meringue shells w/blackberry sauce
* wine-poached cherries
* orange & fennel salad
* stir-fried bok choy w/garlic & ginger
* steamed beans (possibly stir-fried w/something)
* whatever The Lovely Wife(tm) wants to do with the tomatoes

Okay, who's coming over? More importantly, who's helping clean up? :)

ProfK said...

I may hate other kinds of shopping but put me into a farmers market or produce section of a store and I'm a goner. At least one of everything would end up coming home. For forspeis for Shabbos during the hot weather months I serve a raw fruit salad and every one of those berries/melons and fruits would find a home with me. They love roasted veggie confetti in our house so ditto on all the veggies shown.

Yeah, and notice all those gorgeous colors? No real black among them--pretty easy to see what colors God really favors.

Nomi said...

1. The "funky-looking berries" are ground cherries. Very tasty.
2. If memory serves the cellophane-wrapped package on the lower right was onions.
It all sounds delicious! And you can ask G6, I always help cleanup (even if I didn't eat...) and I DON'T stack plates. ;)

Gavi said...

Of course you post up such a great series of photos on erev shabbos chukas...

Refua sheleima - I am sure your lack of back teeth reflects increasing wisdom!

Pesky Settler said...

Oh good heaven's please don't make me choose!