Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Lazy Days of Summer?

You know how they say that March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb?
Well, they should have a similar axiom depicting the prelude for those "lazy" days of summer.

Here's a current summary of some of the activities going on in our house at the moment:
  • Sewing name tapes into every (and I do mean *every*) imaginable article of clothing.
  • Shopping for all manner of obscure items detailed on the camp's suggested packing list.
  • FOURTEEN pairs of socks? Seriously??!?!? I thought we don't launder during the NINE days.... silly me...
  • Making luggage labels.
  • "Where did we store the super sized duffel bags?" "What do you mean, Joey currently has the 'good one' down in Florida?"

I sure do look forward to putting my feet up and sipping a nice tall glass of iced tea when I return home from the airport next week. I may even add a sprig of mint or a wedge of lime. Who is joining me?


efrex said...

Re: name labels: don't they make laundry-proof markers anymore?

As for everything else: this is the reason for the bottle of "medicinal" vodka in the back of the freezer, y'see... :)

G6 said...

efrex -
Yes, they do still make and I do have laundry markers.
Unfortunately, many manufacturers are going "tagless" leaving you little or no space that is safe from "bleed through".
(and forget the iron ons... they're off in one wash...)
Additionally, my children's names are a significantly longer than "Joe Lee" (I assume you know the old joke about the kid they called Calvin Klein all summer b/c of the name on his underwear...)

Staying Afloat said...

I am so there with you. Though I'd prefer if you'd add an Entenmann's doughnut.

I'm sending three kids this year, and I don't think fourteen pairs of socks will be enough. Sometimes they make it into the laundry, sometimes they don't. Sometimes even with the laundry, they come back brown. Last year, my daughter decided she wan't sending anything to laundry because then she lost it for a week and a half, so she did it all by hand every couple of days, when she had time. We spent a nice couple of hours in Walmart on visiting day.

We have a name stamp that I can use on most things. We can't do labels because the children find them "scratchy", and the boys will just take them off. But my kids don't go until second month, so they will stamp their own things in the week after school. (I hope.)

Is she going to Agudah Midwest?

G6 said...

SA -

Yes, she is (how'd you know that?), which gives us almost NO time to sew in labels but has the absolutely TRUMP EVERYTHING ELSE advantage of NO VISITING DAY!!! :D

Read my previous commentary on camp visiting days here.

Staying Afloat said...

Couldn't think of anywhere else she'd be flying to. I know all the girls who go there from my town love it, especially the active ones, and the parents like it for the same reason you do.

I remember that post from last year. I thought of you while schlepping my whole family through Walmart. But that year we did not go to pizza, which was so crowded the year before that you couldn't tell who was on line.

tesyaa said...

I don't label socks or underwear - just not worth it.

And my kids have to pack for themselves, since I'm working.

They can't drive to Target though, so if they need to stock up on stuff before they leave, I have to drive them.

Finally - my girls aren't makpid on socks staying white so it's all good.

ProfK said...

Giving fervent thanks that my kids are beyond camp age. All that frenetic labeling and they'd come home with half their things missing anyway and a whole bunch of items that weren't theirs. Good luck to you!

Mystery Woman said...

Oh I think that's happening a lot sooner than I realize.
I use the iron-ons. They stay on for years, except on socks. So I don't label socks. I label those mesh bags, and they throw their socks in there.

FBB said...

It has been requested that I do not label underwear. No one wants to be hollered at, across the bunkhouse that, "YOU LEFT YOUR XXXX IN THE SHOWER!!!"

Apparently, girls are sensitive that way!

Though not sensitive enough not to leave it there in the first place!