Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday's Wacky Signs

Perhaps more like Wednesday's Clever Doormat, but I'm taking a few liberties.
This doormat is in front of a neighbors apartment.
Doesn't it look welcoming?

The problem is, on occasion they turn it around.
Can you read what it says then?
(I guess we all have days like this....)


Staying Afloat said...

Nice! Somehow it loses the rudeness in the pretty curlicues.

efrex said...

Fancy-pants pseudo-intellectuals (know any of those? :) )refer to these as "ambigrams". Back in the day, when my father was dabbling in calligraphy, he came across an artist named Scott Kim who published a great book of this type of word art called "Inversions." You can find a bunch of great examples of this at his website.

G6 said...

@efrex -
Those familiar with Dan Brown's Angels and Demons (by far the best of his work, by the way...) should also be familiar with the word ambigram.
Thanks for the clever link :)

efrex said...

I'll check out Angels & Demons someday - I just recently got around to reading The DaVinci Code, and was singularly unimpressed (in old grouch voice: "you call that heresy? Back in my day, that kind of stuff wouldn't even get you flogged...")

cuzzin buzzin said...

I don't get the Dan Brown hype, I was SO unimpressed with his book(s)

daughtersintheparsha said...

cute doormat, do they actually turn it around?

BLD said...

The Brown series contains avodah zorah. "Achrei Levavchem" Zu Minoos.

Unzerer Yidden: Stick with Feldheim Publications !
A Unique Perspective is fine choice. I am 1/2 way thru it! Its great!

Anonymous said...

How do you know what awful things are in Dan Brown books if you've never read them???