Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet......"

While I didn't actually feel the "sky tumbling down.....", I did receive a call from Avram this afternoon telling me that while eating lunch he felt our apartment shaking and heard the hardware on our bedroom set clanging. Jennifer of course had evacuated the building and was tearing towards my office at a world record setting pace, bemoaning the fact that she'd left her "valuables" (a.k.a. her camera and her wristlet) behind.

A quick check of the local news websites yielded no information (and if you are familiar with the structural integrity of some of the buildings in my area, you would know that an earthquake is not necessarily the only option.....).

So I turned to the way the world shares information today - - - Twitter. A preliminary search for some key words made me instantly aware that this was no isolated incident. There had indeed been a seismic event in Canada that was felt along a wide swath of Eastern United States. How different is the spread of news and information today. It was a good half hour before the story was picked up on traditional news sites (and The Yeshiva World wasn't far behind) but by then it was "old news".

Twitter, though I am not the biggest fan, is really the "way to go" in situations like this. It's the wave of the future in the way people all over the world connect. So much so that when the news agencies finally did get their acts together - what do you think they reported on? The tweets of course! They even gave mention to yours truly - @Gsix.... Check it out here.


harry-er than them all said... on the value of reporting from the streets

harry-er than them all said...

oh, and lea ve your mouse over the comic for an added laugh

itsagift said...

G6-Cool that you were mentioned but not so cool that your family got to feel the earthquake!

I don't remember where I heard this from but maybe someone can fill me in...something about earthquakes being a wake-up call for all of us, a reminder...

YW said...

There was just an earthquake in nyc

G6 said...

Felt it.

YW said...

This is why I follow your blog, I know I could rely on you and readers to give to me the latest information.