Sunday, June 27, 2010

Food Photo Friday

Yes, I know - It's Sunday.
That's because there isn't really any photo.

Do any of you know the old story of the boy who brings his mother a blank sheet of paper and asks her to admire his drawing? She asks him what the masterpiece depicts. He tells her that it is a rendering of a cow eating grass.
"But I don't see any grass", she says.
"That is because the cow ate it all"
"But I don't see any cow"
"Well, once all the grass was gone, the cow went home"

Joey came home early Friday morning and I wanted to make something special in his honor. Binny, an honorary member of our family since way back in his 7th grade year (he may actually have been the original "starving dorm boy"), was also joining us for Shabbos.

Since I had to drag Jen's camp luggage this past Tuesday all the way to Brooklyn for pickup, I figured I'd make the trip worthwhile and stock up on things that are no longer available in my own neighborhood, like real aufshnit and a selection of meats. I purchased and prepared for the very first time veal spare ribs. There is no photo because there are no leftovers. That should tell you how good they were ;)


FBB said...

If you want real REAL AUFSCHNIT, baltimore's Wasserman and Lemberger is the place to go.

G6 said...

@FBB -
You are 100% right!
And that's exactly where Glatt Mart in Flatbush gets it shipped from ;)
In fact, they will vaccum pack it for you so that you can take a bunch (not that I would know of course....)

ProfK said...

Seriously, real honest to goodness aufschnit? Only thing we have available locally is a turkey version and aufschnit it isn't. Will swear I didn't say it if cornered, but it's worth a trip into Brooklyn to SHOP just for that aufschnit. Thanks ever so much for the info!

efrex said...

Once again, you've accidentally uncovered a major social rift between The Lovely Wife(tm) and myself. The "blank drawing sheet" reference, to me, is exactly as you stated. For TLW, however, reference to a blank drawing can only be traced to Alexander (of Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day fame) and his drawing of the "invisible castle." *sigh* Those crazy New Englanders...

Vacuum packed aufschnit?! Quel horreur! Cold cuts were meant to be purchased from a filthy-smocked bull-shouldered butcher (preferably with at least one finger joint missing), cut to order on a shiny rotary blade, and wrapped in wax paper, with a slice of salami given to the wide-eyed eight-year-old to munch on.

What have we come to?

*grumblegrumble get those kids off my lawn...grumblegrumble*