Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bini Breuer releases German Jewish Davening CD

For those of you who appreciate the traditions of German Jewish davening, Bini Breuer is happy to release “Ohr Ponecho 2” – another album in a series of German Jewish tefillah melodies. More than half the songs are performed with the children from Beis Chorev in Jerusalem.

The album contains a selection of poems which circle the yomim tovim of the year: Kaddeishim, Shir Hamaalos, Yidgal, Lecha Dodi, Peyutei Chagim, Hotzoas Sefer Torah, Anim Zemiros and more.

The main purpose of creating this album is to spread the glorious heritage of German Jewry that is in danger of becoming forgotten or lost.

The album can be obtained by calling in Israell: 050-5715001

or by emailing

I receive no compensation for telling you about this CD, nor do I receive any revenue from the sales. I just think that the melodies are lovely and that many of my readers may enjoy the music as well.

With permission of the artist, I have uploaded a sample of this CD is here.

(Link) Those of you who read my blog on GOOGLE READER, for some strange reason, do not see the embedded music player. Go to the actual blog (just this one time) and click the "play" button. It's there. I promise ;)


Mar Gavriel said...

Wow, when listening to the instrumental introduction, I had *no clue* what tune he was going to be singing. When he started singing, of course, I recognized it.

BLD said...

Beautiful. Whats this
Oseh ***Ha***Shalom.


Mar Gavriel said...

BLD, it's a shtick which the New! Frum! Siddurim! started adding in the 1970s (just for עשרת ימי תשובה). Our community never adopted it in the first place, but I guess Binny's has adopted it.

See here.

Yekke Wannabe said...

Could you take orders for the first CD also?

G6 said...

YW -
Since you're the second person to ask me that, I'll look into it.

Rafi G. said...

thanks. I just spoke to Bini (in Israel) and I am ordering the disk. he told me it is not a problem to get disk 1 as well, and he is going to send me the info soon by email

Unknown said...

2 questions.

Aleph Nusach Ashenaz does not say the word BAIS in tiskabal.

Bais. Nusach Ashenaz is not said in Havars Sefardit,

Scott said...

Do you have the first one? I got it a few years ago and would like to do my part to spread that around as well.

Scott said...

As for "Oseh ***Ha***Shalom," doing so deals with the problem of tinker with the matbea` established by the chachamim by tinkering with a phrase from Tnakh.