Monday, March 28, 2011

Popping In To Show Some Signs Of Life...

Yes, I haven't posted in a week.
Yes, I'm fine.
I wasn't kidding when I said that you are not allowed to utter the "P" word, until after Purim (the first in the "P" word series). But then it begins with a vengeance.
Now that Purim is over, posts may be a bit spottier, due to Pesach cleaning, prep and shopping.

Yesterday was our annual Pesach Shopping Day. It is a day approached with much trepidation. I get to go to one of my least favorite locales for an all day grocery, meat, housewares etc. shopping marathon.

I must admit that yesterday was not as unpleasant as some previous trips I have made. I was able to find most of the items on my list and even a few items that weren't on my list.

We also had fun playing our version of the old game show The Price is Right. As we approached the register, our back straining in order to keep our overladen carts on a steady course, we all took a guess at the "actual retail value" of the approaching stash. The person whose guess is the closest (without going over) is the winner. Guess which savvy shopper actually came in UNDER everybody's guess at each store :D ?

So what thoughts ran through my head today?

First of all - I get NO MONEY and NO FREEBIES, COMPENSATION OR ANYTHING, from the guys over at Glatt Mart, but I just have to tell you that I've never met a nicer, more accommodating bunch of butchers than they have over there. You guys ROCK!!!

Secondly, can someone please explain to me why I need FIFTEEN pounds of sugar for ONE WEEK?!?!? (I won't mention that they dovetail with the two 96 ounce bottles of oil ....sheesh)

Why, when I call my credit card company on Friday to warn them, so that the guy in the fraud protection department doesn't have a coronary when the transactions begin rolling in, do they still reject my card at the first stop? (and believe me, the first stop wasn't even the biggest....)

Why do I habitually pick up items that I seldom (or never) buy during the year? Do we really NEED chocolate syrup? (sorry guys... it was a 'no') Gefilte fish in a jar? (blech!) Coconut covered marshmallows?? OK - this one is a KEEPER - I just don't know why, but it wouldn't be Pesach without them ... which brings me to this cartoon:

I guess I'm not the only one..... What do YOU buy that becomes part of "that Yom Tov feeling"?


Annette said...

I am SURE I'm spelling this wrong, but Pesach is just not the same without "Himbesaft" (raspberry syrup). I can only find it around Pesach time at a specialized American style store in Jerusalem and whenever I put it on the table, it brings back many memories! No one in my immediate family appreciates drinking it with water or seltzer, so all the more for me!

BLD - KAJP said...

BLD only uses Breuer's Machine Matzoh - Quality and Kashruth!

No Dayainu Pizza! Dayainu I Say!

ProfK said...

I'm with you on the coconut marshmallows--no rhyme or reason but everyone digs into them as soon as I declare Pesach eating open. We also used to "have" to buy the Barton's Seder Mints--can't get those anymore. Never served them to a seder but they always got eaten anyway.

Mystery Woman said...

I was also going to say raspberry syrup. Growing up, raspberry syrup was part of Pesach, and every time I see it, it brings back those memories.

tesyaa said...

Those artificially flavored fruit slices.

G6 said...

Annette and Mystery Woman -
Of course!
How could I have forgotten "Himbeersaft"? I certainly remembered to pick up a bottle yesterday!

Seder treat at our house, ProfK, is chocolate dipped macaroons, and I WON'T tell you that story "on blog".

Tesyaa -
I've got a good friend who also MUST have her fruit slices :)
It was never a big draw for me.

Isreview said...

Raspberry a blast from the past...Guessing maybe Coke didn't have a good kosher for Pesach Hechser back then so we had the raspberry and soda water instead? I didn't like it very much as a kid:)

oh we also had a "lady finger cookie" I think it was a potato starch cookie...and I actually saw them here in Israel a few years ago:) wonder if they still sell them in the USA and if people still buy them.

G6 said...

Daniela -

They sell 'em.
And I bought 'em.
(Basically for the grandchildren though. I don't think they taste all that great)

Funny aside. They call them "Baby Fingers" nowadays - HOW IS THIS BETTER? (.. she says as she merrily bites the head off a Haman Man...)

Nomi said...

It was the only time of year that we got potato chips. And of course the coconut covered marshmallows! Pesach was the only time of year that we could get them and we stocked up for summer camping trips. :)
And all of this shopping involved driving 35 miles at the crack of dawn to get to the tiny store (and their pesach annex) before it became impossible to fit in the door. Benefit of knowing the owner...they help the meat that we wanted and I got samples of deli for "breakfast". :)
Pesach was also one of maybe 2-3 times a year we got deli meat, and the only time that we got latkes other than hanukkah. And how can I forget UBet Chocolate Syrup?

Staying Afloat said...

Sign me up for the fruit slices, too. And Dr. Brown's Cream Soda. And U-Bet Chocolate Syrup.

BLD-OUP said...

It was changed from lady Fingers to baby Fingers because of Tznius issues.

FBB said...

I actually think BLD is right, and it's beyond crazy.

BLD-KAJP said...

Thanks but BLD does not haskamas.

Companies that produce strictly Kosher for Pesach baked products are no longer producing lady fingers. The companies have now renamed the product to either 'Baby Fingers' or 'Fingers' as not to create an association between their product and the female gender, which may cause male customers to have impure thoughts. Ad Kan Leshono.

SL said...

wow!! you were brave to venture "there" on a SUNDAY!!

Y W said...

Anything G6 makes is a stable of my yom tov.

itsagift said...

You sure start EARLY!! Wow, I'm impressed.

Pesach is not the same without my mother's homemade delicious cakes - which we always beg her to make all year round but she says then it wont be as special. And she's right! :-)

We also buy a lot of candy - specifically the ones that come in a strawberry looking wrapper. And yes, the raspberry syrup (which I don't like) is served as well.

The newest dish we will probably be serving is zuccini fries, really good and quite simple to make. Here are the steps.

small zuccini - clean out the seeds.
cut them up into strips lengthwise and then into 2 or 3 pieces
Toss in oil and spices of your choice (I use season salt or you can use salt, garlic, pepper...)
Bake on 500 for 25-30 minutes.
They're yum and good for all year round too!