Monday, March 14, 2011

MyHeadcoverings Giveaway Follow Up

You might remember that a short while ago I ran a giveaway sponsored by
Blog reader Doobie won a Milano Wigrip.
Last week I received the following communication from her.
I thought you might be interested.

"I have been wearing the Milano WiGrip for about a week now and I am loving it. I never wear my shaitel all day. I almost always take my shaitel off as soon as I come home to put on something more comfortable, most often the hand-tied Israeli kafiyahs, but I will put anything on if it’s convenient (read: right next to my shaitel head!).
This WiGrip is so comfortable without any pins or clips digging into my hair that I am able to wear my shaitel all day, and I hardly notice it. Seriously, my children keep asking me where I am going because they come home at the end of the day and I am still wearing it!
I have also tried the WiGrip with the crocheted snoods that always fall back because they are so slippery and heavy, and it kept those on as well. Not only is it more comfortable because it’s not constantly moving, but I also love that I don’t have to keep worrying about too much hair showing as it slips back.
The WiGrip worked so wellwith the Israeli hand-tied headscarves which I usually wear with bobby pins to keep them from moving. Again, the WiGrip was more comfortable than pins and did keep it from moving. Plus, it is so thin that it was barely noticeable under the headscarf.
So, overall I am really thrilled with this prize and would recommend it to anyone who covers her hair. One other point worth noting: The package came very quickly, directly from including a short personalized note congratulating me on winning the Guesswhoscoming2dinner blog giveaway!
Thanks G6 for the opportunity to try a product I would have only window shopped but now know is totally worth the price. We love your blog keep up the good work and keep those contests coming ;)"
I hear you, Doobie and thanks for the feedback!
All I can say right now (the details are still being finalized), is that all you cooks in the audience should stay tuned for the next giveaway :)

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Can't wait for another chance win.