Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grammen Greatness

It's a pity that the camera wasn't rolling when Susan and Simcha, who had to be in Baltimore at the last minute and missed joining us for the first time in years, called in their HYSTERICAL Purim act - an Abbott and Costello Learn Hebrew routine.
It WAS rolling though, when Joey did his now much awaited (though not quite award-winning) grammen.
We did.

UPDATE: Hadassah's post on the grammen and the seudah is available here.


Hadassah said...

Still hysterically funny second time hearing it..... :)

Y W said...

I like BLD line

Eric said...

For those of us 'repeat offenders' to your Purim Seudah and privy to the unexpurgated grammen(s) I would suggest that Joey's sign this year is certainly wacky Wednesday worthy :)
Note to Joey: best one yet!