Friday, March 18, 2011

Good Shabbos - Getting Into The Purim Spirit

While the Haman Men hanging from the chandelier are still conspicuously absent, a few of the decorations have managed to sneak in to our Shabbos dining area.
So much to do, so little time.
Good Shabbos to all.
Have a wonderful, safe and RESPONSIBLE Purim.


Isreview said...

Love what you did with all the masks you guys made the other night,
That photo on the sidebar with the sons of Haman is SO CUTE! Is that from last year?

G6 said...

Daniela -
We hang the son's of Haman off our chandelier and on our front door every year.
All children (young and old) who come to the door are offered one with the explanation of the proper way to eat them (bite the head off FIRST ;) )
I wish you could see the masks in person. They're even NICER!! :D

Mara @ Kosher on a Budget said...

Gosh your tables always look so pretty. Tell me, even when your kids were little, were you this organized and on top of everything. Most Friday nights - when it's just family 90% of the time - I am still bringing out the glasses and silverware as we're singing Shalom Aleichem!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats making a sendoff speech prior to giving the Homon Challoh a nice chop job. In the spirit of equality - like banging by Zeresh too - we used a pink knife for the ceremony.

itsagift said...

Really, really nice table!

G6 said...

itsagift -
Shabbos invite hereby extended.

itsagift said...

G6-how many comments does one have to leave before they get invited to your house for dinner?!


I've never been to the heights for shabbos before...

G6 said...

itsagift -
Invitations to our house are self-understood.
The question you need to be asking is after how many comments do I wonder, WHEN you're going to take me up on said offer ;)
If you haven't been to the Heights for Shabbos, I can tell you that it will be a unique experience.
To see the shul.
To see AND hear the choir.
To witness minhagim and mesorah from years gone by in action.
We'd love to show it all to you.

Y W said...

Its A Gift- you should totally come for a shabbos it will be a very nice experience and who wouldn't love to spend a shabbos at G6. and if you don't go for a shabbos you will never hear the end of it :p.