Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food Photo - The Hot Cocoa Bar

When choosing melave malka food for large groups, I like to have one "interactive element". I've done fondues - both pizza with bread cubes, and chocolate with everything under the sun ;).

Last night I tried something that seems to be quite "up and coming" ... the Hot Cocoa Bar.

It is deliciously simple - and I do mean DELICIOUS. Simply set out a carafe of steaming hot cocoa and serve with a variety of toppings. I chose cinnamon sticks, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, freshly whipped cream, candy coated chips, peppermint sticks and these wonderful dipping spoons. To create these spoons, I simply filled them with good quality melted Swiss chocolate and sprinkled with decors. Within moments of being submerged into a steaming mug, the chocolate is warm and creamy and it infuses the entire drink. Not to mention they LOOK SO PRETTY!

I also made these lox canapes on toast squares:

and here's the rest of the spread (thanks to the help of many of the guests)............