Friday, December 27, 2013

I'm Not Sure What Disturbs Me More......

Perhaps I'm more sensitive because my job dictates that I always keep the NY Food Safety Standards in the forefront of my mind. 

Had the response been different, I could have lived with this misstep and not posted to my blog. But I strongly feel the need to have a voice.

According to established Food Safety Standards, food handlers MUST wear gloves when dealing with fully cooked food. 

I read with interest this post about a special parsha treat being prepared at a nearby bakery because (a) I on occasion eat the food baked from this establishment and (b) I have fond memories of these cupcake "frogs" (there was the year a certain child of ours was reduced to tears because we didn't realize that our teasing about "frogs in the kitchen" was being taken quite so literally.....).

What drove me to write this post here on MY blog, was the way in which a very SOFT comment on the blog in question was handled. Surprise, surprise - IT WAS REMOVED.

This concerns me on so many levels:
  • Is the blog owner completely disinterested in a very real food safety issue? (we don't know if this dipper [or the cupcake cutter in a previous photo] has an infectious disease or even remembered to wash his/her hands after using the restroom)
  • Will she pass the information along?
  • Are only "OMG... that's so cuuuuuute!" comments allowed on her site?
I fully understand the concept of filtering out offensive comments. Mine was not offensive. 

How could this situation have been handled better? For starters, I don't leave anonymous comments. If the blog owner truly did not want to have anything negative in her comments section, she could have emailed me with the email address provided and explained to me that although she was going to remove my comment, she was most certainly going to pass my concerns on to the bakery (or even better yet - she already had, and they were going to implement changes).

Maybe I still hope that the internet is not only here to entertain, but also to help make our world better...... 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Multiple Rants in One...

An unnamed Bais Yaakov High School has a percentage of out-of-town students who commute 45 minutes each day to and from school. 
Said school decides to hold a Chanukah Chagiga for the girls at night, at a time where local girls would have time to return home, hear lighting with their family and return to the school in time for the Chagiga. Out of town girls might need to miss lighting at home in order to attend the Chagiga. 
No transportation assistance is provided for the out-of-town girls (regular school bussing will not be available when the Chagiga is set to be over). 
Out-of-town girls question whether they want, or are able, to indeed return to school for this event. Teacher and school administrator insist that girls PAY for the Chagiga, even if they do not attend. 
When girls complain that the entire situation is not fair, coupled with the fact that they were given  only two day's notice of the festivities, they are told by school administrator "So move to ______ (the town the school is in) or build your own Bais Yaakov in your home town".


Pirsum Project - 8th Light

Thanks to itsagift for sending these lovely photos of a very lovely cake her mother made for Chanukah.
I certainly hope that there were some lucky little children around to ooh and ahh!!

In addition, since I am frequently a lone voice extolling the beauty and virtues of the majesty that is KAJ, I thought I'd direct you to the Treasures of Ashkenaz website, for their appreciative post about Chanukah in Breuer's.

Wednesday's Screenshot

I try not to rant (too much) about the pleasure today's society seems to take in bad grammar and malapropisms. Perhaps it's merely a function of poor education, but if I hear "I was by them for Shabbos" one more time.....

This screenshot illustrates another issue that's been bothering me for quite some time. It's a drop down menu from a website offering kosher food. It asks you to select your CITY (there is the word "region" in the English language, you know). Hmmm... who knew that New York doesn't fit the bill? It seems Brooklyn is now a city... as well as Queens and the Five Towns. Who knew?