Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Glatt Kosher - Glatt Yoshor! *

This was a very famous quote attributed to Rav Dr. Joseph Breuer, whose 32nd yahrzeit is today.

Isn't it ironic that a website which posted a very lovely article today about this amazing Torah personality, that originally appeared in the Jewish Observer, chose to insert THIS PICTURE, which is in the public domain, yet had the audacity to stamp their own logo on top of it, as if to say that the rights are theirs.

Furthermore, when I submitted a comment questioning the right to this photo, my comment was edited to only show my appreciation of the article, with my question omitted.

Is THIS the type of behavior the Rov stood for??!?

*See "A Unique Perspective", published by The Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer Foundation, printed by Feldheim Publishers.

(It might be interesting to note that this website has a history of this type of behavior. They have used photos of MINE in the past without asking permission or at the very least crediting the source)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Ever Happened to Colored Toilet Paper???

These are the weighty topics that come to mind on nights that I struggle valiantly with insomnia.

And YOU are the beneficiaries! (Don't you feel lucky?)

But seriously... it occurred to me last night that what used to be a staple in households across the country, seems to have disappeared from supermarkets displays with nary a whimper.

I remember way back when.... we had peach toilet paper in our peach bathroom and mint toilet paper in our green bathroom (OK, the fact that green bathrooms have fallen by the wayside.... THAT I get!). 

I tried to remember when this profusion of color - pink, yellow, blue, green, peach - disappeared off store shelves, but try as I might, I could not.  There must not have been a great hue and cry  (pun intended). But why? I LIKED colored toilet paper {she whines some 20 years too late}. Does anyone else remember? Does anyone else care??!?!

I did a quick search on the internet today and was able to find black toilet paper and glow in the dark toilet paper....


Friday, April 20, 2012

History Tends to Repeat Itself.....

Those of you who enjoy following Joey's trivia aspirations, may enjoy the next story in his "Road To Jeopardy (one day...) " saga.

Joey applied to be a contestant on a British trivia show entitled The Chase, that is filming a pilot in the United States. Representatives from the show called Joey yesterday. They were interested in bringing him for a final audition for the pilot episode as a contestant. But first, he'd have to pass a trivia speed test. In Joey's words, he "murdered" it. (For those over the age of 25, that seems to be a GOOD thing nowadays..... like saying something is "sick".... Who knew?)

They then told Joey the singular date that they would be in New York to conduct auditions.
Guess what?
It was a Shabbos!

(of course when Anglophile Avram heard that participation in the pilot episode would include an all expenses paid trip for TWO to London, he briefly toyed with the idea of asking a shaaloh {you DO know that was a joke folks, right?!?!?}).

Good Shabbos - Springtime Profusion

As you can see from today's erev Shabbos table photo, springtime has come to the G6 household. Avram brought a lovely, light springtime bouquet which goes perfectly with the ladybug dappled vase that I made years ago at Little Shop of Plaster and Pottery.

You may also note from the picture, that I baked shlussel challah this week, though I must admit that after reading this article (subsequent to baking the challah...), and considering that I am the one that instituted the practice into my family, this may very well be the last year that I in fact partake in this activity.
Thoughts? How many of you know for certain that your grandmothers did it?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Time To Rumple....

Attention all men who may be tempted to look at this video tonight.
Please make sure to offer your wife/mother/sister your assistance in the kitchen prior to indulging.

Following is the FULL concert video of the KAJ Choir on Chol Hamoed Pesach.
I included the commentary and speeches (very short) because I found them both informative and entertaining. I hope you do as well.

If you don't have enough time to watch the full hour and ten minutes, you can watch clips of selected songs from my personal playlist here.

On a side note: I have a rumplenacht question for the masses. Does anyone else out there have the minhag to make havdalah tonight on beer (i.e. chometz)? This was my father's minhag and I am curious as to how widespread this custom is and if anybody knows of a source.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choir of KAJ Sings on Pesach

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Choir of K'hal Adath Jeshurun performed at a concert last night sponsored in honor of the 45th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolff, at Congregation Beth Tefillah in Paramus, NJ.

I am still processing the full video, but in honor of Pesach, I am posting a small clip containing the Hodu for Pesach. This traditional melody was arranged by Israel Meir Japhet, utilizing motives of the Pesach liturgy. Japhet also arranged Hodus specifically for Shavuos (using the Akdamus melody) and for Sukkos (incorporating the melody of Na'anuim).

What Makes Me Sad.... (A Mini Rant)

Something has got to be wrong with the system!
I'd like to share with you a conversation that transpired a few days before Yom Tov on Facebook.
Somebody posted a question on her wall asking "What Are You Looking Forward To Most About Yom Tov?".
Innocuous, right? Perhaps even fun. I myself have posted previously regarding some of the things and some of the rituals I look forward to during the Yom Tov "season". What shocked me were some of the immediate responses this friend of mine received:
  • ...for when Yom Tov is over!
  • ...when we take the chometz dishes back down!
  • ...the END of Pesach.
If people are looking forward to the end of a Yom Tov before it even begins, no matter how strenuous the preparations are, something has gone horribly wrong.
In their zeal to be so machmir in their cleaning prowess, these folks seem to have chosen to become meikil in their requirements for simchas Yom Tov.
Pesach prep need not and should not destroy a person.
Numerous missives have been written on the subject but I don't think they have yet seeped into the public consciousness and I'm not sure why, though I wonder if perhaps it has something to do with the current trend of "Keeping up with the Machmirs".
I though that this article is particularly to the point.

Perhaps if, as we clean, we focus on all the special moments and people that we are eagerly anticipating, this "imagery" will also help us through.
Speaking of special moments and special people:
Hearing one's grandchildren recite the Ma Nishtanah is definitely right up there in the top ten.
Having one's favorite son in law (Relax people! He's the only....) arrive with a Yom Tov present for his favorite mother in law (not much competition here either ;) ) - a Pesach Cookbook selected by himself personally - makes a lot of the effort worthwhile.
Familiar melodies.
Familiar memories.
Read this old post or this one to keep the smiles coming.

{stepping off my soap box now}

Heads up:
I'll have a Pesach treat for you shortly.
The Choir of Khal Adath Jeshurun put on a concert last night and footage is currently being processed for your viewing pleasure.