Thursday, January 30, 2020

More Real Life Kosher Cooking by Miriam Pascal

Image of More Real Life Kosher Cooking
Real life is the word of the day with this highly anticipated follow up volume to Miriam's first cookbook. The recipes are simple, tasty and use ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.
As usual, this book features stunning food photography - something close to Miriam's heart, as evidenced by her amazing blog
I will tell you what I appreciate about the book. I appreciate that there is a marked shift away from margarine and even her cookie recipes are calling for more healthful oils.
She has nice tips for variations and planning ahead at the bottom of the recipes, which makes them more versatile. (And here's my "planning ahead" tip. Pesach is not too far away and many of her recipes can be used or adapted for that as well!)
The recipes do lean to the sweet side, so if that is not your preferred flavor profile, you might want to make some adjustments, but the recipes are simple and easily customizable to your personal preference.
Bottom line: It's a total winner. I also highly recommend following Miriam on twitter: @overtimecook and dropping in on her blog on a regular basis.