Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day - My Favorite Shot of the Day

This shot of Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan wins the vote for my favorite hands down!
I've sat on those very same chairs many a time - on Succos in their fabulous public Succah, in the summer and their Summer Film Festivals and at numerous other "Broadway in the Park", "Opera in the Park", or just hanging out with my family events.
It's awesome to see them buried to their gills :)

Scroll down on this post, for my favorite shot of the big snowstorm aftermath a little over a year ago.

Snow Day - Shadow Shot

FBB sent in this wonderful Shadow Shot of her backyard.
Thanks for playing!

Snow Day - Remembering Last Night

Hagit sent in this picture of the early hours of today's storm. How much snow has fallen - and been plowed since then.
Keep those photos coming!

Snow Day - Still Gotta Shop

It seems that nothing deters New York shoppers.
Not even 20 inches of snow!
Thanks SL for sending in this photo (apparently I wasn't the only one who had to go in to work today....).

Good Morning Snow Day - Heading Up To Ft. Tryon Park

Good Morning Snow Day II

Good Morning Snow Day!

Send in your pics folks!
I sense a meme coming on...... :D

Thanks for these shots Yekke Wannabe.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do A Chessed On A Snow Day

With conditions like this, I'm utterly serious.
If you're off from work or school tomorrow, call your elderly neighbor on the phone.
Offer to pick up a meal for them at the local senior center.
Then call me - I'll have one packed up and ready to go.

Snow Pics - The Early Returns

Thanks to the anonymous fan for sending this lovely pic in.

snOMG Begins....

I'm gettting too old for this, folks......
Help me out here, and send me some of your photos.

(Oh, and speaking of getting older - call up your elderly neighbors and see if they need anything. Perhaps a container of milk tomorrow, or picking up a meal for them at the local senior center)

Say That Again.......

I was inspired by a recent post over at Mrs. S.'s blog and was struck by the universality of certain aspects of family life. Her Top Ten post of phrases commonly heard in her home, prompted a scientific study in mine ;)
Here are the results, and thanks, Mrs. S., for the inspiration.

"Where are you going?"

"When are you coming home?"

"Can I check my email?"

"Who left their breakfast dishes in the sink?"

"Who forgot to hang up the bathmat again?"

"What's for dinner?

"Could somebody please pick up the phone!!!" (Alternately: "Jenniferrrrr! It's Racheeeeeeelllll.....")

"Does anybody have my socks?"

"Who are we having for Shabbos?"

and finally.........
"Do NOT put that on the blog!!!"

What is most commonly heard over at YOUR house?

Thursday, December 23, 2010


This week marks the beginning of "Shovavim", the six week period spanning the Shabbosos in which we lein Parshas Shemos through Parshas Mishpatim. It has become customary (also only in recent memory.... if someone cares to fill me in on the source..... but I digress....) to spend extra time during these weeks working on marital issues. Seminars and lectures abound.

I thought I'd share with my readers a little joke that I received via email a few weeks ago, that I find rather appropriate for this juncture.
While attending a marriage seminar on communication, Chaim and his wife Shira listened to the instructor declare,
"It's essential that husbands and wives are aware of the things that are important to each other."
He addressed the men, "Can you describe your wife's favorite flower?"
Chaim leaned over to his wife and asked in a whisper, "Kemach All-Purpose, isn't it?"
The rest of the story is not pleasant...

Hat tip: Older "cuz"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday's Wacky (Fruit)

While it's true that you never know what you might find while shopping at Whole Foods in New York - this one was new for me.
The Buddha's hand pictured above looked like an esrog that had been caught in some major nuclear fallout yet still emerged smelling exactly like an esrog.
Who knew?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're Here For You... Now and ALWAYS

I know that I've endorsed companies that I firmly believe in, on this blog, in the past.
(By the way, my coupon code for new customers is still valid - just enter SILV7629 at checkout....)
I know that I've bashed some company's customer service in the past as well, though I don't like to give names.

Land's End is not compensating me in ANY way for this endorsement, but I just have to share with my readers this funny, "above and beyond" story.

This morning, in my email inbox, I find yet another daily this tantalizing new offer from Lands End. 30% off my entire order AND free shipping. "Whatta Deal," as they say.... Jen needs gloves, a hat, tights.... did I forget something? Off I went to put together my online order. I plugged in my offer code - gave a smug little grin at the eighteen dollar and change discount applied - and then furrowed my brow when I noticed the shipping charge remaining. A quick check of my email revealed that my careless reading caused me to miss the part about free shipping on orders over $100. This was the part where I picked up the phone and called Land's End directly. They have the most AMAZING customer service in the world and I happen to be an equally amazing customer, so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to ask... I barely got my request out of my mouth and the lovely Land's End Lady reassured me that she will cheerfully, gladly, merrily reverse the shipping charges.

Just as I was finishing up with the pesky details, I heard a call waiting beep on my line. Land's End Lady was happy - nay THRILLED - to hold for a moment while I checked who was on the other line. It was my sister. I told my sister to hang on for a second while I quickly finished up with my order. After I completed the order with the still perky Lady, I quickly switched back to the other call. Suffice it to say that my sister and I are very close on an emotional level and very far apart on a physical plane, so phone calls aren't short, to say the least. We spoke for quite some time, at which point her other line rang with an important call and she told me she'd call me back. When I disconnected the call, I got a "ring back" on my phone, similar to if I had somebody on hold, which was odd. I answered the phone:
"Yes, hello Ma'am. This is your Land's End Lady again. I'm not able to disconnect your call. You have to hang up first."
Apparently, I had picked up my sister's call without actually hanging up the other call. Whereas MOST customer service reps hang up on me with NO PROVOCATION, this one couldn't. And she was JUST AS CHEERFUL through my profuse apologies as she had been all along.

Boy, do I feel foolish.....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We All Have Our Idiosyncrasies....

I'm just wondering if I'm truly alone out there or if others share my little foibles.

While a I adore fresh grapefruit, I'm not a fan of the pith OR the membrane.

Does anybody else out there meticulously strip EVERY segment prior to eating?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pirsum Project - Gone But Not Forgotten

I know... I know.... Chanukah is over.
But as long as some of you may still have your menorahs sitting out on windowsills (you know who you are....), I figure I can post just one more photo.
This comes to us courtesy of laist.

Have a Coke (or a case of Coke) and a smile.........

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Boys - Little Messes - - - Big Boys......

I hate to burst the bubbles of all you mothers of boys who just can't wait for them to grow up, because then all the messes will instantly disappear. Yeah. Right. Go with that.....
You may have heard about the torrential rains that we had in New York City this morning. Does that stop the "big boys" (a.k.a. grown men) from playing football {in the heavy downpour, on disgusting mud}? Not a chance. Anything brown that you see in this laundry load started out WHITE - - - just so you know.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pirsum Project - Eighth Light

As the last of the Chanukah candles flicker out this year, leaving just a wisp of smoke and that lingering smell of olive oil, your wonderful photos continue to pour in.
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed all of your participation and readers have contacted me off blog to say that they felt the same.
SiBaW sent in this stunning photo.
I'm very impressed.
There WILL be more photo memes in the future.
Enjoy the last vestiges of Chanukah. The latkes smell should be gone by Tu B'shvat.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pirsum Project - Eighth Night In Beit Shean Valley

Perlsand, who lives on a kibbutz in the Beit Shean Valley (Ein Hanatziv), sent in this photo of her menorah, lit in her garden, which is lovingly tended to by her husband.
I know that they are wishing that rains would force them to light indoors, but it does make for a lovely shot....

Chanukah Pastries

You're probably all sick of doughnuts by now, so here's a collection of Chanukah goodies found on the internet, from an assortment of professionals, to inspire you. (That menorah is made from royal icing, by the way.)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pirsum Project - Chanukah Lighting at KAJ - Breuer's

Pirsum Project - Seventh Light

This colorful gem comes to us via MarkSoFla on Twitter. His family with five kids and assorted visiting in-laws makes for a festive photo, don't you think?

Pirsum Project - Chanukah Reflections

Thanks to FBB, who upon seeing that I like candle reflection photos, sent in this beauty.
I continue to be amazed at all your creativity!

Pirsum Project - If Liberace Were Jewish?

Our friend Eric, sent in these wonderful shots. I love the humor of the first one and the reflection in the second one. You are all outdoing yourselves with this meme!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pirsum Project - Sixth Light

Thanks so much to itsagift, who pulled out her camera tonight just for us.
She sent in these wonderful photos.
Keep them coming!

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Of The Ocean

It doesn't matter where you live.
It doesn't matter in which foreign city (or state) your friends and relatives live or visit.
There's ALWAYS something that they can get where they are or where they're visiting that you CANNOT get where you are and that is faaaaar superior to any comparable product in your locale.

I've sent family and friends for chewing gum (England), face cream (England), burn cream, chocolate and marzipan (all Switzerland). Don't even get me started on Israel....

I've shlepped back for others ginger ale from South Bend, Indiana, seltzer and candy from London and various medicinals from Zurich. (Why do I always seem to get stuck with the liquids??). Oh, and I've also carted peanut butter - and if you've never done the same, it may interest you to know that peanut butter has been known to show up as explosives in TSA scans...

What is it about the unattainable product? The very same things that we crave are the things that our foreign counterparts seek to replace with our versions. And yet, there is that excitement of snagging that just out of reach item once in a while.

Look at these cool socks that I cajoled my dear friend Sharon into bringing back for me from Marks & Spencer in London. They were my Chanukah present to Avram and I couldn't find them anywhere in America. They remind me so much of him. They APPEAR plain and classic on the outside, but you never know what hides just out of sight ;) .

What do YOU send friends and family for - and from where?
What have you been asked to bring over - or bring back?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pirsum Project - Debbie's House

Thanks to Debbie in Yerushalayim, who sent in a lovely Pirsum photo, along with a photo of the quilted wall hanging with removable flames, that she made herself. She "lights" that every night! What a creative idea.

Pirsum Project - Leora's Lights

I can always count on Leora to participate in photo memes.
Her pictures are always lovely and artistic.
Leora also pointed out a typo in my Pirsum post's email address, so if you sent a photo in and don't see it up, please resend to the edited email address....
Thanks Leora!

Pirsum Project - Circa 1700s

YDL sent in this photo of a family heirloom menorah.
It's too delicate to light, but it's quite interesting.
If you look closely, it says "shelachanukah", which happens to be the minhag in KAJ.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pirsum Project - When Lots of Sons Come Home

I love the look of Chanukah in homes of families with b"H a lot of sons.
Thanks to the anonymous friend of the blog who took these especially for me :)
Come collect your latke reward.

Erev Shabbos Chanukah

For those who can't get enough of the table pics.......

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pirsum Project - Murano Glass

Gavi Kaufman sent in this lovely photo, of his menorah, which is, in my opinion, a stunning piece of art as well.
This menorah was purchased in Venice's Jewish Quarter as a wedding gift, and shlepped around Europe in a backpack before arriving safe and sound (and still in one piece!) in North America.

Shabbos Chanukah Candles

There was some discussion in the comments section about oil vs. candles for lighting the menorah.
In shul we use candles, but not just any candles. The candles used in shul on Friday night burn straight through, with plenty to spare, until Motzoei Shabbos.
For reference purposes I have photographed the (22" long, 1.5" diameter) KAJ Shabbos Chanukah Menorah candle next to a standard chanukah menorah candle and a standard LONG Shabbos candle.
Quite impressive, no?

(The candles in this photo are the WEEKDAY candles... substantially shorter than the Shabbos candles)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Pirsum Project Continues

Thanks to ProudMommy3 from scenic New Jersey, for participating in this meme.

She sent in one photo from this year and a bonus pic from last year.

Keep sending in those photos.
Anybody take pics of spirited dreidel games?
I'm up for anything!

Pirsum Project - First Light

What better place to kick off the first installment of the annual GWC2D Pirsum Project than in Eretz Yisroel?
Our first photos come to us via Chaviva Galatz, who pens the the popular Just Call Me Chaviva blog.
She is lucky enough to be spending the first few days of Chanukah in Israel and frankly, I'm a little nervous to post these photos because they are so AWESOME and the rest of you might be hesitant to send in your own.
Please don't be deterred. The more the merrier.

Keep sending in those pics -
Should I offer homemade latkes to the best local photographer?