Saturday, April 21, 2007

So Who *IS* Coming to Dinner??

.... well ... if you had asked me that question Thanksgiving Weekend 2005, I might have prophetically answered, "my future son-in-law". The thing is, I had no idea............
Yes, Lester was (finally) joining us for a Thanksgiving Shabbos (after the fiasco cancellation of 2004). There were a host of others coming to help polish off the turkey and fixings when, at the last minute, Lester calls and asks if he can "bring a friend". Another Lester? Can we really take two at a time? "Sure, the more the merrier".... And are we ever glad!
Thus began a year and a half long odyssey worthy of "Small Miracles". Hashem really does have a hand in shidduchim and He really does engineer the world. Our Hachnosas Orchim was rewarded with one of the most valuable gifts.
The Bas Kol went out......... we just needed to hear it!
Mazal tov Erica and Moshe!!!!!!!!!!!!

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