Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Two Neginah Orchestrated Weddings In Three Days...

What did you say? Speak up! I see your mouth moving but I don't hear a thing! What are your lips mouthing? Oh, my ears are bleeding? How perceptive you are! That may be a tiny minor side effect of being forced to listen to Neginah Orchestra play at two weddings in the past three days. Don't get me STARTED. I went to the ladies room to ESCAPE the noise last night and I swear the stall was shaking. Dinner music? Dinner music? Aren't people supposed to be able to have conversations during the dinner (non-dancing) portion of the evening? Must I listen to some fellow SHRIEKING while the band beats some jungle tune of indiscriminate nature?

This rebuttal from Neginah as posted in one of their ads: (Colors added by me. Comments in parentheses added by me as well)

Neginah has been delivering supreme happiness (oh is that what I felt?) for over four decades, with only one mission—your absolute satisfaction. (Or deafness, whichever comes first). There's a leader in the Jewish music world. And there's a reason that leader leads.From simple celebrations to spectacular sixty-piece orchestras, from Chasidic to contemporary, Neginah gives you everything you want. Any style. Any sound. Any instrument. Any band size. Any way you like it. (I'd like it if you'd leave my auditory nerves intact, thank you) Anywhere. Anytime. It's your simcha. And Neginah is your band. (Maybe the band of others who don't particularly care about their guests, but not of mine)

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