Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lester is coming! It's time to re-learn English!

As many of you know, dear Lester, an indescribable entity of a Dutch, free thinking, croc-wearing young man, was, albeit unwittingly, the shadchan for our dear children Moshe and Erica.
Sadly, since they married last August, he has relocated to his home town of Amsterdam. We miss him greatly.
Happily, he just informed me this morning that he is coming for a visit - JUST IN TIME for the new baby!!! We zijn zo blij. Welkom terug Lester!
Now that I've worked on my Dutch, I must admit, Lester needs to reaquaint himself with the English language. We were IM'ing this morning and he asked me how it feels to have two "out of wedlock children" :-O Yesterday was my 24th wedding anniversary! Two of my children may have found spouses for themselves this year Lester, but I certainly had them while I was married. (Oh and to answer your question, it feels great and lonely and blessed all at the same time)

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