Thursday, November 13, 2008

What's Your "Order"?

To varying degrees (probably stemming from your ancestor's country of origin) everybody has specific "order"s to things in their life.
For instance, I eat my pizza the same way every time - crust first.... followed by the rest of the pizza from the tip upwards. This may sound obsessive to you, but at least I don't use a knife and fork, as is Avram's preference....
But I digress.
The pizza was only an "opener".
What I really want to know how everybody reads the Jewish Press. Yeah right, I know, you don't read it. You don't get it. It's tarfus. (Frankly, Dr. Yael is getting fairly pornographic even to my mind... what's up with that?). I'm thoroughly snowed ahem, convinced. But HYPOTHETICALLY, if you did get it (if you or your children weren't "in the parsha" {wink}), would you read it from front to back, or would you have a set order, like almost everybody I know?
I'm not asking IF you have an order, but rather which comes first? Agunah Chronicles or IY"H by You? Do you even bother with Arnold Fine and/or do you still check every once in a while if "The Nice Jewish Boy Who Kills Bugs" still advertises in the classifieds?
C'mon, you know you want to share...... :)


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with reading the Jewish Press. It's a hundred times better than it used to be. The editorials are well written even if I don't always agree, the long front page pieces that jump to the back are almost always top notch, the media column is great, many of the other columnists are very good or at least interesting. There are also a lot less typos than they used to have.

Mikeinmidwood said...

I have my system. The front page is always read but not continued to the next page its on. Then its on to page 3. I skip Page 4 look at the Cartoon picture on page 5 which is always the same every week. read some letter to the editors and then skim through till I find an interesting topic. I like the inquiring phtographer. YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT DR. YAEL, THERE IS NO WAY I BELIEVE THE STORIES SHE WRITES. Then skim through to the shidduchim columns and check out the shekel to dollar ratio. and sometimes head back to arnold fine.

SuperRaizy said...

I am so glad that you posted on a comment on my site, because it led me to here and what is probably the best blog question I have ever seen- How do you read the Jewish Press!
First of all, gary is wrong- there is definitely something wrong with reading the Jewish Press- or at least admitting that you do- "there are a lot less typos than they used to have"- LOL! But I have been reading it steadily every Shabbos since I was 12 years old purely for the entertainment value, and now I have recruited my son into the club as well.
As for the order- that varies depending on my mood.

Anonymous said...

SuperRaizy -- why is there "something wrong" with reading it or admitting it? Because of the way it used to be many years ago? I moved to the NY area about six years ago and started reading the paper at that time. I never could understand why certain people who, it seemed, hadn't read it since the 1970's, would make comments about it. It seems it's only people who grew up in New York during a certain time period who have this compulsion to knock the paper. I don't find that attitude among people like me who didn't grow up here and I certainly don't find it when I travel and meet Jewish Press readers in California, Illinois, etc. And I don't understand why you thought my comments about typos was funny -- I'm a proofreader and copy editor and I find at least as many typos in the Jewish Week, the Forward, the NY Post, etc., as I do in the Jewish Press. Even the vaunted NY Times has had some embarrassing typos recently.