Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Update

If ever there was a relaxing summer weekend, this has been one. (Of course, factor in the fact that I do not have to participate in the Visiting Day Parking Lot Pilgrimage this year and my chances of it continuing are looking better and better...).

We had Sir Fig Tree for Friday night dinner, which was enjoyable, relaxing and entertaining.

Avram davened in the early minyan on Shabbos morning, which gave us a chance to take a beautiful park stroll before the weather became too oppressively hot.

I spent quite a bit of time reading and being captivated by the travel log of a cousin who just went on an interesting overseas journey. Some people should write blogs of their own and just don't know it.... (did you know that there are no Orthodox Jewish cemeteries in Antwerp because of a longstanding law on the books that all bodies are to be disinterred after 99 years? I didn't....)

On a side note, Leora has tipped her hat to my blog by awarding me the "Blog de Ouro" award.
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I picked the following blogs:

Congratulations to the awardees, and thanks again, Leora.


Leora said...

Look forward to seeing if you can get Juggling Frogs out of retirement.

So just what did they do with bodies in Antwerp? Did they travel out of city or country every time someone died?

My son goes to Camp Stone, too far away for many parents to visit, so we don't have to do visiting day.

G6 said...

Leora -
They use a cemetery in Putte, Holland - just over the border. (Two other interesting side notes: there seems to be a young victim of the Titanic buried there as well... with a stone boat atop the headstone. Also in that cemetery - to identify people who died young, whose lives were "cut short", the headstone is formed in the shape of a chopped off tree trunk.

Ezzie said...

Getting JF out of retirement would be awesome. :)

And thanks!

Erachet said...

Yay Ezzie!

Mikeinmidwood said...

Ahem! (cough)(cough) Ahem! Oh Im sorry I had something stuck in my keyboard I wasnt implying anything.

BLD said...

Great Post. Most all can feel that visiting Day pressure.
One point: I hope we all (myself included) remember to use the term Shabbos and Sunday instead of weekend. To our dismay the bitter Golus is seeping in too much.

Is Sir Fig Tree is a type of Kigel ?