Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Think I'd Rather Move Than Paint.....

In the comments section of a recent post of mine, the discussion veered a bit off course on to the topic of painting, or rather, my utter aversion to having to go through the ordeal of getting the apartment painted.


I'd rather MOVE than paint.... probably because painting is almost the same as moving anyway, only you don't get upgraded to bigger digs, more storage space or a backyard. All you get are new scratches to the existing furniture, paint splatters on the floors that now need to be refinished (oh joy! Another reason to have to leave the apartment for days on end...), a thrown-out back on whichever family member always says, "No, no - I can get this myself...." and lung searing fumes that linger long after the painter has left his last booze bottle for you to trip over.

Nevertheless, every six months or so we have "The Discussion". Joey looooves this part because he can usually mouth along verbatim and he finds it intensely funny. Now mind you, we never initiate "The Discussion" on our own. It usually begins when some unwitting guest makes some comment about something-or-other which leads somebody to utter the dreaded "P word".

Here's the transcript of "The Discussion":

Avram: "You know, we really do need to get the painters".

Me: "I agree with you 100%, I just cannot deal with it emotionally. If you want to take a week off and make all the arrangements and take care of it all, you are more than welcome".

Avram: "Maybe I will"

We are then safe for another several months.... disaster averted.


tnspr569 said...


I just thought....

Anonymous said...

I don't know about painting ... our whole house needs it inside & out, but I can't afford it now, so that's that. However --

I have often thought that I'd rather move than clean for Pesach.

tnspr569 said...

We do a lot of our interior painting ourselves, so it's different for us than others. We enjoy it, though.

For me, packing and unpacking whenever I move apartments (which occurs yearly) is torture.

nmf #7 said...

I'm moving right now- and I partially agree with you, moving is almost as bad as painting. Although our painting was relatively easy- we didn't have to move any furniture around, as the apartment was empty.

ProfK said...

I hate the painting/moving/packing issue for all kinds of reasons, many of which you mentioned. But the one you didn't mention is the one that kills me every time the dreaded P or M word is mentioned. With everything, but everything coming off the walls and off the shelves and out of the cabinets my hubby asks if we really NEED all these things. What can we get rid of instead of putting it back in place or packing it up? Suddenly it's not about painting or moving any longer but about what is important to me. For a sentimentalist who still has the plaster of paris handprints her kids made while in kindergarden painting/moving is agony. It's having to amputate parts of your home's body, and who would voluntarily submit themselves to amputation?!!!