Friday, June 18, 2010

No Guests For Dinner

Sometimes we do learn from personal history...
Eight years ago, I had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction on a Friday morning. Simcha and Eric were coming for dinner (a night they will never forget - I assure you!). Now let me remind you that I am petrified of dentists.
Well, I survived the ordeal, came home, popped some Percocet (bad move on an empty stomach, believe me!), stuffed the chicken in the oven and set the automatic start, then retired to my room to wallow in some well earned self-pity. I managed to haul my drugged up body out of bed about 15 minutes before Shabbos to check on the food.
THE OVEN WAS COLD! The igniter had picked the most inopportune moment to give out. The chicken was raw and I was in agony. Several frantic trips downstairs to my friend Judy's house got everything microwaved and edible, but I was "done for" that night. "Cruise Director Julie" was nowhere in sight (I believe she spent most of the evening moaning on the living room recliner). The guests practically had to serve themselves.....

Fast forward eight years. I am still absolutely TERRIFIED of dentists (though I'm not quite sure why.... I have very good and trouble free teeth and I gave birth to FOUR children with NO pain meds...).
I had another emergency wisdom tooth extraction yesterday.
a) I refused all prescription pain meds
b) I have NO guests this Friday night
c) My oven's igniter is only a year and half old, so it should be all right.

So it seems that I learned a few things. Now if only somebody could help me conquer my fears of the dentist......

Disclaimer: I have a wonderul, trustworthy, sensitive and gentle dentist. It's not him... it's ALL ME.....


ProfK said...

Hope you feel back up to par soon. Don't kill yourself trying to find a rational reason for your fear of the dentist. I have to be dragged to a dentist in chains. In fact, I'd rather deliver quintuplets without pain meds than go to the dentist, and I don't have carefree deliveries. It doesn't even have to be me in the chair--I can't stand watching other people get their teeth worked on.

efrex said...

The best cure for dentist fear that I know.

G6 said...

@ProfK -
Thanks for making me feel better.
If somebody whom I respect as much as yourself has to be "dragged in chains", I don't feel quite as lost.

@efrex -
That's one of my favorite Bill Cosby routines EVER!
(though I had the added joy of the sound effects consisting of crunching bone yesterday...)