Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Way For Chanukah!

Call me hopeless.

Those who know me well, know that although it is totally out of character for me to go for "kitsch", I am a complete sucker for Chanukah kitsch.

Yesterday, we set up the menorahs, hung the dreidels that I made with Erica's playgroup some 20+ years ago on the front door, took down some of the pictures that hang on the wall during the year and replaced them with framed Chanukah photos from years gone by.

We once again hung the dreidels and gelt from the light fixture and I polished up my menorah jewelry.

And, of course, I went shopping and added to my collection of things that make me smile. I bought these cute hand towels for washing at Amazing Savings (Only $1.29 each!!!). Who's ready for a sandwich?


Yekkishe Bekishe said...

Did you have to show identification when you entered Flatbush?

Anonymous said...

You did all that decorating and only posted a pic of hand towels???

G6 said...

Anonymous -
I hate to be repetitive so I linked a lot of older posts with photos of what I did.
For more pics, just click on any of the colored words.

sl said...

My "Chanukah table" has been set up already as well!! And i dont mean the menorahs... dreidel dishes, dreidel cutouts, hand towels, etc are scattered, i mean set out on the dining room table. I must not forget the Chanukah tablecloth!! Go BB and Beyond!!

BLD said...

Wow I didnt know you get shorts with dreidels. (See I do have a sense of humor.)

Sheva said...

fun dun fun i love Chanukah kitsch! I also wanted to tell you i love your new banner looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


Who ever said you did not have a sense of humor?

G6 said...

Sheva - Welcome to the comments section and THANK YOU!