Friday, March 11, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Wimpel Cake

OK, now that you all know what a wimpel is, and much of the background surrounding the minhag, what would a family celebration be without a little CAKE?

After much deliberation as to what kind of special cake to bake (Torah Cake? Aleph Bais Cake?), it struck me (actually it struck Avram) that why not just make a WIMPEL cake?

I attempted to keep the colors and decoration of the fondant wimpel along the same theme as the actual wimpel, though my handiwork is far more rudimentary.

I must say that the cake - chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, topped with chocolate glaze - tasted as good as it looked, which to my mind is mandatory.


perlsand said...

G6-that is absolutely beautiful. May you and your family be zocheh to many more smachot and wimpels.

Now I have a few things to say to other people. Yehuda, thank you for your supportive comments. I had actually written a response to Miri before I saw yours but I must have been tired and pressed delete by mistake.So , Miri this is for you:

Who are you to tell me what to focus on? I didn't mention tefillin or hadlakat nerot! You know, you don't own our religion.None of us do but it behooves us to listen to one another with patience and tolerance. The irony is that I just asked a simple question and a few people who don't read carefully jumped to conclusions.The point is that if I or someone else had actually suggested something you felt to be inappropriate , I would still expect people to answer responsibly-without sarcasm and name calling. What if I was a "ger" or in the process of conversion?
BTW, I'm not. I'm actually the granddaughter of one of the well known original yekkim in Washington Height. My Oma z"l was Irma Hirschfeld(see previous posts for more info). So, I have strong yekkish roots but as I mentioned no brothers so I was not all that familiar with the minhag.I was actually debating if I should continue reading this blog because of the rude comments but then I stopped to think and decided to continue for the same reason I started. I have beautiful memories of my Oma and Opa z"l and of shabatot and yamim tovim in the Heights-many at KAJ. G6, with her beautiful writing and pictures brings some of that back to me and I don't want to give that up-not because of Miri or anyone else.

Wishing you all a shabat shalom (with the emphasis on shalom) from Eretz Hakodesh (no, not Monsey!)

Isreview said...

Cool Cake -sweet idea:)

Something Different said...

Oh wow, that's really nice. Totally worth the hype.

I hope your family appreciates you sufficiently.

(I commented, yay!)

BLD said...

Perlsand - your Oma was a good cook/baker. My parents were very friendly with the Hirshfelds.

Ezzie said...

I'm not sure if I like the cake more because it's so cool, or because my name is Eliezer and I want some for me. :) Amazing.

Mark said...

Beautiful!!!! Mazal Tov.

Wow, how did you get the letters to come out so perfectly?

Shabbat Shalom all.

Eric said...

Regarding Mark's question about the perfect letters, as one who has been a guest by G6 many times and witnessed the creations first hand, I no longer wonder. I just oooh and aaah. I'm convinced it's magic.

Eric said...

p.s. the fact that I'm a guest this week as well has NOTHING to do with my last comment. (fingers crossed)
Good Shabbos.

G6 said...

Mark -

Eric's kind words aside (I must admit that I am a bit of a perfectionist though and I actually "fixed" a number of issues on the cake after the photograph was taken) the lettering was not all that difficult.

I am now the proud owner of a full set of aleph beis cookie cutters, which work quite well on fondant. If anybody needs to borrow them, I'm willing to share.

FBB said...

It's really gorgeous

little sheep said...

Much, much prettier than I expected-I'm not a fondant fan. I especially like the fact that it can be eaten without having any fondant!!

G6 said...

I agree with you totally, little sheep.
In fact, at the breakfast itself, I managed to completely cut AROUND the fondant, but any subsequent slices were sufficiently iced that the recipient could easily "flake off" the small bit of fondant on the top if desired.

itsagift said...

Stunning cake!

Can I please have an e-slice?!