Friday, May 20, 2011

Good Shabbos - Don't Forget To "Omer"

I've mentioned in a previous post that where I come from "Omer" is a verb.
"Omering", or remembering to do so, has become much easier for me with the advent of email reminders, iPhone apps - all things not available to me in childhood, where the dreaded threat of "not getting any cheesecake" was the only incentive assistance available.
Nowadays, any time I have access to technology, I'm pretty sure to remember.
That leaves Friday night as the only tough night.
A nice Omer Counter left out on the Shabbos table, is tremendous help. When clearing the table after the meal, you're sure to notice it. Oh, right! That means you'd need to be sticking around and helping clear.... Well - at least some of us won't forget ;)


Anonymous said...

Taping it on the wall next to your pillow or on the headboard also works well since you are definitely going to see it at night or in the morning at least.

itsagift said...

That's such a good idea! I like it a lot!

Yes, it's a lot easier now to remember, with all the reminders out there. Technology has really been helpful with this one!

It's good now because for we who make an early shabbos, the men have to be reminded to say shema again once it gets dark and then that's everyone's reminder to count sefira!

itsagift said...

P.S. The link to your previous post doesn't work.

G6 said...

Link has been fixed.