Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Secret Discovery Revealed

I am fully aware that by sharing this information, I may be diluting its value, but I can't help spreading the joy.

I think I may have discovered the perfect way to navigate the Macy's July 4th fireworks WITHOUT waiting for hours in the sweltering heat to garner a plum position with a perfect view (aside, of course, from making fast friends with an apartment dweller whose apartment overlooks the festivities...).

Now let me say right off, that I believe that everybody SHOULD go the route I just described ONCE in their life because those views are incredible and incomparable. Once you've gotten that out of your system, you should do what we discovered last night.

Our out of town company is still with us and we went out to dinner in a restaurant just outside the "official optimal viewing area" for the fireworks. We finished our relaxing meal just in time to saunter over at a leisurely pace to the West Side Highway (which was plenty crowded there too - don't get me wrong) and see the fireworks begin. While the views were not AS good at in the designated area, we were plenty close enough to see the blooms in all their glory (putting last years glimpses all the way from the George Washington Bridge to shame).

I am definitely doing this again next year. Dinner out anyone? I can highly recommend the Fettuccine Francais........ (shhh....don't tell anyone. I haven't cooked dinner in three nights. I sure hope I remember HOW when I get home tonight. A girl can get used to this.......)


itsagift said...

Lucky you! I was too busy and missed the fireworks completely...aside from the boom, boom, boom I heard from the window.

Glad you got such a great view!

Y W said...

I never got the whole fireworks thing, It's cute once but I feel it gets boring but for those if you who enjoy it I hope you had a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Me! Pick me! This year I called straight down my contacts list and couldn't find anyone to go with. :-(

G6 said...

Bad4 -

Apparently somebody should be on your "contacts list" but isn't.... :(