Monday, August 22, 2011

The Things We Stopped Doing Along The Way...

... not sure quite when.
But they sure were fun.
Please add your own to the list
  • Finding "twin" cherries and wearing them as earrings
  • Blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk with a straw
  • Turning round and round until the room spins
  • Lying on the floor and imagining walking on the ceiling
  • Purposely running out into the rain (sometimes with your mouth open)
  • Trusting people


YW said...

Running into the fire hydrant sprinkler.

SuperRaizy said...

Staring at the wall for hours imagining what it would be like to be all grown up.

ProfK said...

playing hopscotch on a grid we drew on the sidewalk with chalk, using pebbles for markers, and considering ourselves as playing the absolutely best game ever, no electronic helpers needed.

Mark said...

- Riding ones bike aimlessly without a planned route of any sort.
- Playing games with filbert nuts every Pesach.
- Kugelach
- Scraping apricot pits on the sidewalk to make whistles out of them.
- climbing the walls of the narrow hallway with feet and hands stretched against the walls and scaring your mother as she passes by (Washing Heights hallways were perfect for this!)

G6 said...

Mark -
You reminded me of a lot of good ones!
That nutcracker.... how we loved it!!
And many scraped knuckles ;)
But apricot pits? THAT you'll have to teach me some time.
(I'm not even gonna start with the "monkey business" on the hallway walls.......

Mark said...

The apricot pit one was something that I did in Israel when I lived there for a year as a kid. Basically scrape one side of the pit until a small hole appears, then scrape the other side until a slightly bigger hole appears, then dig out the core of the pit, clean, and you have a pretty good whistle.

Kugelach on sidewalk was killer. But on linoleum was fine.

Monkey business ... LOL. BTW, in my house if the kids try that, they are likely to punch a hole in the sheetrock. Besides the hallways are a bit too wide.

NGM said...

-Looking for pictures in the clouds (I found a smiley face last month!)
-Climbing trees
-Splashing in puddles
-flying kites
-skipping down the street
-the colored foam to play with in the bath
-playing dress up
-storybooks with happy endings

efrex said...

* Walking on low walls or cement hedge borders instead of the sidewalk
* Skipping
* Sumersaulting
* Reading with a flashlight under the covers
* Reading by the light of the streetlamp outside the window
* Getting excited at seeing an envelope with our name on it
* Getting excited at getting a phone call
* Getting excited at seeing snow
* Playing tag, punchball, kickball, stoopball, stickball, street football, dodgeball/"elimination"
* mixing all our food together on one plate, adding way too much ketchup, and then eating three bites of it

YW said...

I didn't know kugalech was around back when you were a kid. I never played cause I too lazy to go on the floor, but I remember something about chelek am I mixing up two games or was there something with chelek in the game?

G6 said...

efrex -
You make me smile remembering how we used to balance ourselves on the little cement border all the way up Overlook Terrace to Ft. Tryon Park, only to walk THAT ledge all along the promenade.... (in the snow, some kids were known to fall in to the hedges. Some were not seen again until spring ;) )

Louisa said...

I have re-learned to trust people!!!! Thanks to some very quality people I have met...including the author of this blog.