Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pirsum Project - First Night, First Light

Our first submission to the Pirsum Project comes from Jonas..... A real "blast from the past".
Jonas originally hails from Germany, though he is currently on a kibbutz in Israel on leave from the Israeli Army.
Jonas came to us as an unexpected guest whom we met via a mutual friend outside of shul on Purim afternoon three years ago and promptly brought home for seudah (and yes, he was delicious ;) .....). Imagine the challenge of quickly getting him his own verse in the traditional grammen!
Having never visited Washington Heights before he was astounded that there were "true Germans" living outside of Germany. In a veritable "bringing coals to Newcastle" story, Jonas had never seen Gruenkern before and promptly took a bag home to his motherland.
Thanks Jonas, for staying in touch and for this lovely photo of the shul in Sde Eliyahu!

More submissions are always welcome: guesswhoscoming2dinner@gmail.com

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