Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Out Of Three Aint Bad

So I told you to stay tuned for the Shabbos Report and here I am true to my word.
Something interesting happened this past Friday night.
During the course of the meal we discovered that two out of three of our new Shabbos guests were readers of this blog, but they had no idea that they were coming to the G6 house when they accepted the invitation. Usually, things work the other way around! I often get messages from blog readers that are going to be in town and would like an invitation, but seldom does a reader only discover that they are at our house during the course of the meal!

We also had a bit of fun coming up with "Questions You Never Ask At The G6 Table"
  • "Are the flowers on the table real?"
  • "Is this cake from the bakery?"
  • (I totally forgot to add "May I stack these dishes?")

1 comment:

YW said...

I could vouch for the flowers, I have seen your husband plenty of times walking down the steps holding a bouquet of flowers.