Monday, December 3, 2012

She Put The "Guess Who" In Coming To Dinner...

Sometimes I think these kinds of things happen only to me.
I might have mentioned that my son is engaged ;).
You already know that we like to have lots of Shabbos guests at our table.
This weekend was slated to be no exception.
We were looking forward to sharing our meal with three lovely ladies -  A, R and "R's friend from out of town", whom we had not yet met.
When Joey got engaged, Kayla of course, rounded out the guest list.
What I didn't know (and apparently nobody else did either), was that purely by coincidence, "R's friend from out of town" turned out to be none other than KAYLA'S ROOMMATE! 
When R's friend arrived at R's house on Friday, she excitedly told R that her roommate just became a kallah - - - to none other than a Washington Heights boy! R was curious to know which WH boy had gotten engaged this week. It was quite amusing to find out that their long ago scheduled Friday night dinner, was at the very home of the engaged couple!
Happy surprises, and a few laughs, all around.
And around here... you truly never quite know who's coming to dinner!

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