Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scene Around Town - The "Had Enough of Winter Yet?" Edition....


Mrs. S. said...

Not to rub it in or anything, but we also have white trees in our neck of the woods...

I'm just saying. ;-)

Faygie said...

Dear G6,
I discovered your blog this past Thursday night, and I found it so compelling that I kept scrolling and scrolling, wanting to read more and more.
What did I find so special? Well, of course the graphics of your table settings ( where do you STORE your napkins and other props?) and other stuff, including the scenery, are original and beautiful.
But it goes way beyond that. What I love about this blog is that, in a world where too many people are jaded, de-energized, or blase , your blog exudes tremendous simchas hachaim. You also come across as someone who feels the chashivus of what she does- whether it's making people feel at home; honoring Shabbos and Yom Tov, and the beis knesses; or appreciating your family and your wonderful community.
I also have a special feeling toward the Heights, which you portray so well. My husband grew up there and I loved, when we were there for Shabbos, listening To Rav Schwab ztl's drashos. And to the choir. And watching the little boys get brachos on Leil Shabbos.
If you like , I can email you and tell you who I am- it's very possible that you know my husband's family.
Thanks again for sharing creativity, originality and inspiration- gut voch!

G6 said...

Faygie -
You truly GET it!
Your comment means so much to me, especially since over the last year I feel that I've neglected the blog (I hope you went far back to the old stuff. That's what I'm most proud of...) Please DO email me!

Anonymous said...

Yes we feel neglected