Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shavuos Creativity Abounds

Between my talented daughter and daugher-in-law {and grandchildren}, each of whom made beautiful Har Sinai cakes, and my husband, who not only decorated shul as seen in the previous post, but also festooned our dining room with cedar roping and flowers, Matan Torah is EVERYWHERE!
Wishing you all a beautiful Yom Tov.
PS I am amazed at everyone's unique rendition of the same theme. Email me your Har Sinai Cakes and I'll post them. Just let me know if/how you'd like to be credited. guesswhoscoming2dinner@gmail.com

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Cyndi Rand said...

You are an amazingly creative Eishes Chayil. It is so beautiful to see the love, devotion and sincerity for Yiddishkeit you transmit to your children and grandchildren. Continued nachas. We all learn so much from you!