Friday, November 6, 2015

CELEBRATE - Food Family Shabbos

Food. Family. Shabbos. 
These are the themes most celebrated on my blog.
So imagine my excitement at seeing a review copy of a cookbook titled, "CELEBRATE - Food Family Shabbos" in my mailbox. This I could relate to!

CELEBRATE is a beautifully laid out and photographed cookbook packed with 200 sensational recipes and magnificent photos . It has a nice collection of basic recipes that would make it a wonderful gift for a kallah, but also expands to contain enough "fancy" recipes to allow for experimentation. 
Small twists like "Vanilla Challah" and "Horseradish Crusted Salmon" piqued my interest. 
Stunning S'mores Cupcakes and decadent Chocolate Raspberry Cake were also a "must make".

Let me tell you about the little extras that make me feel that this book deserves a spot on your shelf or in your gift closet.

  • Not one but two bookmarks! I've never seen a cookbook with bookmarks before, and I think it's a clever addition.
  • "Make Ahead" sidebar instructions, letting you know how you can prepare all or part of the recipe in advance. This is particularly helpful to the beginning cook, but useful to everyone. There are also "Passover Substitution" sidebars.
  • Cleverly organized with the usual sections such as challah, soup, sides etc., but taking it a step further with a "Shalosh Seudos" section. Note to self: Try the Everything Bagel Romaine Salad!

Proceeds from sale of the book benefit Emunah’s Children’s homes in Israel, making CELEBRATE ideal for gift giving.

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