Monday, January 29, 2007

He Brought An Unripe Coconut....

So Joseph was home for shabbos, and the fact that he brought with him an UNRIPE coconut should have been a tip off that all hopes for him to ride in on warm breezes were dashed.
It was freezing!!! Michael, who had absconded with Joseph's Shabbos coat, was forced to dig out his own from the floor of his closet and yes folks, he was actually seen IRONING it an hour before shabbos!! (I should've taken a photo of that)
But it was great having Joseph home, if only for the weekend. Mom was invited (of course) and we were joined by Jenine W., Malka S. and Yael J.
We had deli wraps, matzo ball soup, chicken, carrot muffins, cucumber salad, apple-cranberry kugel and coconut mini-bundts for dessert.
The conversation was spirited and lively (though there was a bit of a loud digression into movie quotes by Michael and Joseph that left some of us scratching our heads). Michael told a very wonderful dvar torah, solving some long held questions about the wording surrounding yetzias mitzrayim.

Lunch was without company, but no less animated. In fact, we actually had a Family First. Of course the lights have gone out on our Shabbos tables on *numerous* occasions, but never have we STILL been at the table when the shabbos clock lights went back on. { "Group hug in the shower!!..... or not.......NOT..... }

Jenine W. joined us for Havdalah, as did Rochel A., home for the week from Seminary.

Norby's Windows Update: Many pairs of googly eyes on black fabric - - - good representation of Choshech.

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