Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thoughts on Norby's Windows

I love to have company at our Shabbos table. I love to entertain. Why do I do what I do? A good friend of mine actually told me once that I do the things I do because I'm selfish. My friend says that I don't love cooking and entertaining because I like making people happy but rather I derive the pleasure out of being the one to make others happy. So my friend says that I'm not as altruistic as I appear. I don't really do it to see others happy, but rather to make MYSELF happy.
I counter that motives don't matter. Making people happy matters. Sharing a little bit of joy with others - making them smile - brightening their day.
Now I must say that Norby has got this all figured out. He "gets it". Every single time I pass his windows I can't help but smile. Norby takes the time to decorate the parts of his windows that he himself doesn't see, so that others will derive pleasure. He understands that sometimes in life, you have to forget politics, forget controversy and just spread a little joy. He appreciates the power of a few tulips artfully arranged and backlit.
For this I am infinitely grateful.

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