Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Harry Potter Weekend

Yes folks, the day has finally come and gone.
Joseph anxiously awaited delivery of the final chapters of the saga that began when he was eight years old. He spent the better part of Shabbos afternoon fondling the unopened box, that is, with exception of that moment during lunch when he discovered that Michael had hidden it {grin} and took a break from his adoration to cut off his older brother's airway {big grin}. All in good fun, all in good fun.
After an UNhurried havdalah (I am quite proud to say...) he retired to the living room to savor this long in coming finale. Avram passed him in the same spot at 5 am as he was finishing the saga, having not slept a wink. So I guess we have Harry to thank for the fact that for the first time in weeks, Joseph made a Shacharis Minyan on a Sunday morning without oversleeping... apparently you can't OVERsleep when you don't sleep.
Aviv has recommended a book entitled "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War", in his opinion the "best book ever". Hmmm, don't know if it's up my alley, but if I run out of Jodi Picoult books (my new fave) I just might try it.
We had a rousing game of scrabble today (minus Michael who was next in line for the Harry Potter marathon) and Jen and I (who were playing as a team) CLEARED OUR RACK for a bonus 50 points... woo hoo!!!!
We went more "gown gemach-ing" this weekend too. Some people go "antiquing", with the wedding a mere three weeks away, we go gown gemaching. But in all seriousness, I've met a lot of amazing women doing a lot of amazing things with the resources that Hashem has bestowed upon them and they are quite inspiring.

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