Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trivia For You - When Is A Valid Passport, NOT?

....apparently, when you are trying to fly to Israel for the summer with your family, with a stopover in Italy, on a passport coming due in September! Go figure. One would think that a passports expiration date is just that, but Aviv found out that things are not always as they appear. So guess who's stranded here without his family until he can obtain a new passport? We were most happy to host Aviv this Shabbos and I was really impressed at what a gentleman he is. He was putting drinks on the Friday night table before Michael and Joseph even had their jackets off (might have something to do with the fact that he wasn't wearing one himself {grin}). He was clearing plates between courses and even at Oma's house while my guys were keeping busy spouting movie lines. Oh, and I MUST mention the most amazing berry chocolate mousse cake he brought from Corner Cafe... I don't think I've *ever* tasted fresh gooseberries before....
It seems we weren't able to scare him off in one weekend - he'll be joining us again next Shabbos. Some people are just gluttons for punishment.
Erica spent Shabbos with Moshe so we were two short, but Oma was able to join us on Friday night.
Norby has taken a summer vacation from window decorations, though he told us for Shabbos Sheva brochos, he can be bribed (think iPhone....) and his parsha panoramas were sorely missed.

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