Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes

I'm a "people pleaser". I often find that I hold my tongue on occasion in order to keep everybody happy.
But lately I've seen a very disturbing trend and have had some personal experiences that highlight this problem and I've decided that political correctness has got to go and I'm just not going to take it anymore.
I certainly try hard not to judge the belief systems of others. Firstly, that is a job best left to our Maker and secondly, the glass on my house isn't even tempered... That said, I am getting REALLY TIRED of pretending that every rebel and crazy is NORMAL.
There are entire groups of people out there that may or may not being doing anything contrary to halacha (and I leave that distinction to the more erudite bloggers - though for my intent and purpose it doesn't really matter)but they are certainly being unconventional in a very "in your face" sort of way, and we are expected to act like everything is normal.
I have been guilty of this time and time again until lately I have come to the realization that these people do not afford me (and the rest of the "mainstream") the same courtesy. They are MOCKING us. They are rebelling for ATTENTION. and we sit around and admire their sartorial splendor in all our political correctness.
It is time we stepped up and stated the obvious - THE EMPEROR IS NAKED!!!


rickismom said...

I can't agree more. I am new to the Jewish blogsphere. I've been posting a while, but my audience is mostly "disability" . Lately, it being vacation, I have read a few Jewish blogs. Today being my last day of vacation, I read quite a few. I understand that there is a whole spectrum of belief out there. And I am not going to force someone to follow halacha. But for supposedly "frum" people to be bashing the chareidim (real hatefull talk) in the comments of some of the posts really makes me sick. As the mother of a special-needs teen, I have several friends (who also have special-needs kids) who are not as "black" as I am...but I count them as my favorite friends. We get along famously. [I guess maybe it takes having a child who is not perfect, but that HaShem loves, to realize that HaShem loves people, even if they don't act are agree just like us. ]

Anonymous said...

I have been calling it the emperor's (non) clothes for ages. I came up with a few creative ones of my own, and they sound so ridiculous, but perhaps if I write an article about them in the Yated I can start a movement. Ever read "The Mouse that Roared"??