Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School

Today was Jen's first day of middle school - MIDDLE SCHOOL!! can you believe it??!?!
I remember as if it were yesterday, when I took my current job that one of the perks would be the fact that Jen would *one day* (she was an infant at the time) be eating her school lunch on the same premises that my office is located. Well, this year, she is TOO OLD to eat lunch at this location.... how time flies.... We can't wait for our children to go on to the next new, great thing, but before we turn around we wonder where the time went.
Well, since during the last two weeks of the summer I had the stress privilege of having Jen join me in the office all day long, I came in today and sat down to a celebratory first day cup of herbal tea and toasted everyone's new beginnings everywhere.
So wherever you are, and whatever you are beginning or attempting to, HERE'S TO YOU. I believe in you! Good luck!!


frumcollegegirl said...

somehow once you become a grown-up(or start to become one) the line between summer vacation and the rest of the year blurs.

although it's still hard to get back to school

Anonymous said...

I am as excited as my kids when they pack up new notebooks and supplies. I just dread the downer after the high- which happens with my son after a week. *sigh*

G6 said...

Lucky you anonymous! It happened to my daughter on the SECOND day, lol.... when her teacher gives her an indecipherable parsha sheet all in Hebrew with very little instruction/direction.
Welcome to middle school, sigh....