Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sometimes the Unfinished Shows More Than the Finished...

My husband didn't want me taking this picture. He said the Yom Tov table was not "finished". He was right. The challah board is not yet on the table. There will be more lovely flowers coming. But I took this photo, because it shows something about my husband's yom tov prep that not many people know.

My husband is very involved in his beloved shul. He does some things very quietly and without fanfare, and one of the things that he does is take home the silver from the shul from time to time and painstakingly polish it so that it sparkles and shines. The crowns visible in the background are but a FRACTION of the silver that my dearest lovingly shined to enhance the services in our beis hakneses this yom tov.

I am proud of him and I just wanted to share. (I didn't think a photo of the pile of hand towels for the Kohanim waiting to be ironed in the other room looked quite as good, but he does that too.... crumpled towels just won't suffice in his opinion....)


rickismom said...

WOW that's a lot of polishing! Never thought about how the crowns must need polishing. Luclily my DS polished our silver before Yom Tov (it was in an atrocious state!)

YW said...

Speaking about your husband I have a little issue over, you see I use your husband as my "Yekke Rabbi" so on Sunday mornings I trek up the hill to FTNH so I could ask him all my questions on the way down, but recently he been used another method of coming down and I'm sure this person has very good intention and I sure don't to take away anyone's Mitzvo and I'm sure he doesn't know what he is taking away from me but I need my time with him to ask all my questions.