Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gripe Time: Outsourcing to India

Ok, Ok, I know I'm not the first person to gripe about companies outsourcing their customer service to India, and I have resisted the urge to jump on the grrr-fest until today.

I have made FIVE calls to India over the past several weeks, and I am continuously patronized with scripted lines that may or may not have any bearing on the problem at hand.
I had an "oh so lovely" online "chat" with Rajesh today.

It quickly became apparent that he was unable to help me so I bullied insisted that he connect me with an AMERICAN agent. Would you believe it? There was an agent from California visiting Hyderabad to help out with their holiday season rush. We had a very nice chat and she too was unable to fix (yet) my problem, but she was very amusing and I thought I'd share a portion of my chat transcript with you....

Jennifer: I understand what you mean. Please continue to hold for a few more minutes.
G6: ok
Jennifer: Sorry for the long wait.
G6: I'm used to it by now
G6: this is my fifth try....
Jennifer: Things don't look too good.
Jennifer: I have to tell you the truth.
G6: why is this so complicated?
Jennifer: That is exactly my question to marketing.

[Several more boring minutes of unsuccessful conversation....then when it became apparent that the necessary offices in California were still sleeping, we got friendly.....]

G6: well, frankly, outsourcing to India is a BAD idea
G6: i personally know a lot of people who have left your company because of it
G6: and i see why
Jennifer: Do you want me to be frank . . . outsourcing to India is not the problem with this situation.
Jennifer: I know people feel that way, but really this is a corporate issue. Our marketing department can't do a simple thing like this though we have asked them on behalf of customers numerous times.

[Several more minutes of quality bonding chat....]

G6: You're the FIRST person, you should know, that I actually believe has a SHOT at fixing this... :)
Jennifer: Hopefully I can. You're giving me confidence in my own abilities ; )
Jennifer: If I can't help you, I have a plan of asking you to write directly to a memeber of Marketing.
Jennifer: If you convinced me, I'm sure you can convice him!
G6: lol
G6: I haven't been too successful THIS far
G6: but if you get me to the appropriate department, I have a better shot
G6: I'll tell the computer geek that he'd better EARN his pocket protector, lol
Jennifer: They aren't geeks. Geeks fix problems. Marketing people ignore them.
Jennifer: Ouch!
Jennifer: Sorry. I had to vent.
{Oooooh look at Jen! Getting all sassy and venting.... I think I was a bad influence on her...}
G6: so why cant we talk to the GEEKS :)
G6: do you have a number for the geeks?
Jennifer: The geeks in this situation work for another company, so I don't have access to them.
G6: oh boy
G6: wow
G6: that's frustrating
Jennifer: The geeks who work at our company are very helpful.
G6: maybe they meet the other company's geeks at their holiday party and can talk about this ;)

Jennifer: Yes. That might finally get this resolved. Geeks getting drunk together. This chat is making Rajesh laugh by the way.

So................. in conclusion.... my problem had YET to be resolved, but I DID manage to make Rajesh laugh.......


Mikeinmidwood said...

How long did all this take, in the end?

G6 said...

Let's see.... five or six minutes with Rajesh, followed by about fifteen to twenty with Jennifer - ten of which were me waiting while she "looked into things" (more than once so that's spread out), five minutes to establish that it was too early in the morning for California Marketing {a necessary component in the solubility equation} to be awake, and then the rest of the time we tried to solve the world's problems.... and taught Rajesh enough English to make him laugh...

G6 said...

Bonus clip for those still watching... apparently all my IMing and blogging has paid off... I now type faster than the average customer service rep reads!!

Jennifer: Okay. I understand that you are upset.
G6: yes
G6: so would you be so please dont patronize me or reasuure me that this will be "forwarded to the correct parties"
Jennifer: Please let me try to assist you.
You are typing so quickly that I don't have a chance to look into your issue and try to help.