Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Do We Let People With No Sense Spend Our Money?

Seriously! Doesn't our current administration have any sense??!?!
Hasn't our President heard of Photoshop??
I was much entertained by these amateur submissions in response to a request by the Daily News.
Bureaucracy at it's best I suppose.

Over the Brooklyn Bridge


ProfK said...

Bureaucracy doesn't have a best; it seems that the most we can hope for is that its worst doesn't do too much damage. When I mentioned the flyover in class the unanimous reaction was "Why didn't they use Photoshop?" Unanimous except for one student who said: "You are all assuming that when they told us this was a flyover for a photo op that they were telling us the truth. Not even our government can be this stupid, so maybe there was another reason they sent the planes where they did, a reason they aren't going to tell us about. Maybe they'd rather we all thought they were stupid then tell us the truth about why the planes were there."

G6 said...

ProfK -
That's a very interesting point made by what could be a very astute student...
Maybe we should give the KIDS a hand at running the show for a bit ;) (on second thought... maybe not...)

Baked Lecho Dodi said...

We want to see/smell/taste more challah not planes.

G6 said...

Baked Lecho Dodi - To quote the Lone Ranger's famous sidekick - "Who's 'we', white man?".

Regarding the challah, come on over... my door is always open.

Chaim said...


That was one my father's favorite lines! He used to say it all the time. I never heard someone else say it besides for him. He often said it whenever someone said "We will...." and didn't feel like "we" should include him.

G6 said...

Chaim -
I'm glad I could rekindle a nice memory.
MY father used to say "Not so fast Paparelli" (a punchline of a decidedly unfunny joke, that only became funny b/c my father used it so much). Remind me the next time you see me and I'll share it with you ;)

Chaim said...

Mr. B. (both of them) already told me that joke. I actually found it funny. Maybe I was in a goofy mood.