Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Things I've Learned From Having Shabbos Guests...

Some are big and some are small.
Correction: They are all big....
  • There are frum people in Germany who have never seen Greunkern.
  • In Holland, children go to bed not to Hansel and Gretel, but rather to Jip and Janika.
  • If you want to daven in the shul in Istanbul, you need to get them your passport before Shabbos.
  • The Basenji is a breed of barkless dog.
  • It's highly recommended to bring your own disinfectant products to clean the bathrooms in certain kosher resort hotels.
  • A few containers of water placed inside your piano will help keep it in tune during the winter months.
  • Some guests will eat anything for dinner as long as it's kosher and doesn't move off the plate.
  • A Cuban girl living on 177th Street can be drawn to Judaism by the holiness of her neighbors.
  • There is more that unites us as Jews than divides us.
  • The lasting impact you have on your Shabbos guests is far greater than you could ever imagine.


Louisa said...

I'm the one who'll eat anything that doesn't move too quick...and is kosher...

BLD said...

I learned from my guest just this past Shabbos: A supermarket is suitable for a Modern Day Shiduch date (Yeshivish).

G6 said...

I'm fascinated. Will any supermarket do, or are we talking something like Pomegranate?
Also, aren't they afraid of running in to people they know? (Not my issue ... theirs...)

efrex said...

A supermarket is suitable for a Modern Day Shiduch date (Yeshivish).

Okay, now there's a valuable and instructive shidduch date location! Just think of the important things you can find out about your prospective intended:

"Does he go for flat leaf or curly parsley?"

"What kind of bread crumbs does she buy?"

"Does he/she shop the 'Kosher' aisle exclusively, or does he/she bargain shop, and only get the 'frum' brands when there's no Goya, er, goyish alternative?"

Running into people you know is, of course, not a problem, as, naturally, each person has his own shopping cart (shared carts are not allowed till the fourth date, by which point everybody knows you're together anyway); simply shrug off any curious looks by pretending to debate the other person on the reliability of the hechsher on the box of raisins ("he buys raisins? Kofer! I never want to see him within three aisles of me! To think that I looked at the same can of hearts of palm as him!" *shudder*).

Then again, this might not be the best thing: If I had gone shopping with The Lovely Wife(tm) back when she was The Lovely Not-Sure-What(tm)*, I'm not sure our relationship would have lasted ("Bagged salad?" "Pre-cut garlic?" "Dried parsley?" "Sour cream for latkes?" "What am I thinking?!")


* Trust me, you don't want to know. It's a long story, and when I say it's a long story...

tnspr569 said...

So what does Pomegranate qualify as in New York - it's much too clean to be a supermarket by some standards...

Chaim said...


You put a smile on my face. Thank you.