Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't Forget To Spring Forward

Those of you living in (most of) the United States and Canada (stay right where you are Arizona, Hawaii and South Bend, Indiana), please remember to set your clocks one hour ahead tonight.

You might lose an hour of sleep, but you'll gain an hour more of daylight to enjoy the beautiful spring weather - which will arrive just in time for you to be swamped at home with Pesach cleaning.

(Those of you living in other corners of the world can check your clock changing schedule here.)

Update 8:15 p.m. (exactly): Did you think I was joking the last time I posted about this?? The "games" have begun already at the G6 household.....


Anonymous said...

This is off topic but since I discovered this Yekke blog, it gives me an opportunity to reminisce about the old days of Pesach shopping in the Heights.

In the old days, ‘50s through the early ‘70s, when I was growing up, the various Shomer Shabbos grocery stores would mail their customers a form to fill out with your needs and it would be delivered a few days before Yom Tov.

I just returned with my wife from our first shopping trip for this coming Pesach, and we are guessing what else we need and are making a list as we items come to mind.

I am just wondering if the old system was easier, but on the other hand there was not so much competition. Now we are running around more for bargains.

Baked Lecho Dodi (OU-P) said...

Make a list of what you bought this year and what will be left-over (like salt, etc,) and put it on top of your Pesach dishes box for next year (in Jerusalem).