Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! (There... I said it...)

I've discussed my opinion on Mother's Day quite freely in the past.

I find those who seek to discredit Mother's Day on religious grounds ("Every day is Mother's Day in the frum circles!") to be misguided at best. In fact, there is a precedent in Judaism for designating times of commemoration for certain events, regardless of the fact that that we may be mandated to be cognizant of them daily (think Pesach and Yetzias Mitzrayim). {See also a very cogent discussion on this topic here}

Mother's Day is a not a religious holiday. It is a national day of "hakoras hatov", if you will.
One needn't buy into the rampant commercialism, but one needn't "throw out the baby with the bathwater" either.

I have therefore decided to join in with Women One-2-One's “Six Words on Why Moms Matter” campaign in order to honor moms everywhere and to raise awareness for the struggles they face every day.

Celebrities, politicians and every day people have all joined in with this effort and I'm going to open up this opportunity to my readers as well.

The task is simple enough: Tell me why moms matter in six words.
Here's mine - Mothers' unconditional love can accomplish anything!
Go to it! :D

Oh, and "Happy Mother's Day"!


Anonymous said...

Hm. How about "Mothers cook and clean for us!" ;-)
"Mothers understand us better than anyone."

G6 said...

Awesome bad4!
How did I know that this exercise would appeal to my "wordsmith" readers? ;)

efrex said...

"Why moms matter? I can't conceive."

Jenny G said...

Mommy's blog is the ABSOLUTE best!! :)

G6 said...

efrex -

Jenny -
Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE :)
I love you too......

itsagift said...

How's this?
"Mothers make the world go round!"
"Mothers are G-d's gift to children."

BLD said...

Kabaid Es Avicho Vees Imeecha Lemaan...

ProfK said...

Sigh, it's not words that are the problem, it's spatial orientation--comment on the photo posting.

cuzzin buzzin said...


G6 said...

cuzzin -
I love it!!!

By the way, I heard another one that made me smile:
"Because I said so, that's why!"

G6 said...

itsagift -
I love your second one!

SiBaW said...

Loving Mothers are almost always right.

But, more importantly:

Without Mothers there’d be no shidduchim! :p

Anonymous said...

Forget six word. Check out our awesome Haiku:

Mothers are the best

Better than the rest, they are

So cool and they rule!

...and now back to our usual program...