Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shavuos at KAJ Breuer's

I thought that those of you who are relatively new to this blog might enjoy seeing this video that I made last year depicting what is involved in putting up Shavuos decorations at Khal Adath Jeshurun. It is an effort that spans two days and many more volunteers.

Those that have already viewed it might like a second look.
Those who are local might like to pop in on erev Yom Tov and either lend a hand or get a close up look of what goes on.
Good Yom Tov to all.

Of course every year there are some new design changes. I hope to post photos of the actual finished product on erev Yom Tov.


Anonymous said...

I realize ve Yekkes are very serious but in the flavor of Frum Satire shouldn't the background music be the KAJ choir with Shavuos niggunim rather than the Ost Judishe melodies.

I also can understand that Avram and the rest of crew has to wear their suits and ties to qualify to do labor in the shul.

Anonymous said...

SO pretty! I wish our shul would do something beautiful like that for yom tov. But, who pays for it all?

G6 said...

Anonymous -
It is quite lovely and impressive - even more so in person. The fresh flowers and real cedar roping make the shul so fragrant.
The cost in underwritten by donations from individual members of the shul, specifically for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful!


a n d y said...

this is so nice!!

BLD said...

How do you pop in if the shul is locked ?

G6 said...

When the work is being done inside, the left hand door of the main entrance is unlocked.
Go on in.
They are there now.
They could use more hands :D

BLD said...

Alert: Vos is Nais picked up your KAJ picture under its discussion on Shevuous.

G6 said...

Who do you think sent them the link to my blog and all it's photos and videos?!
(Not that they'd credit me of course, nor link the video.....)

G6 said...

In addition -
For some reason they refused to even name the shul in the caption.... (at the time of this writing).

Avi said...

who sings the 'eitz chaim' in the background?